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Is Turbo The Movie greater than Turbo The Series? Yes. It is.

My DVD came in today, earlier than I expected, and I found myself unable to stop myself from running upstairs and popping it in for a spin-through -- you know, not watch-watching it, just skipping to all the exciting scenes, which it turns out are like 65% of this movie. Do you know how little time they spend morphed? SO LITTLE. And even during part of the time they're morphed, Tommy has his helmet off, which instantly negates everything ugly in this world. Did I mention how much of this movie Tommy spends worrying about and/or rescuing pink rangers? A SURPRISINGLY HIGH AMOUNT. It's beautiful. Do I like more than the first movie? Well, if I have to factor in all the parts...yeah.

Historical Trivia
I did a lot of digging into this movie's history while waiting for it to come in, and apparently one draft said Jason and Kimberly were together because they were dating. I literally never thought about why they were together, so I'm sticking to the "just friends/like siblings" idea. Honestly, I want so much to love Jason but he's just such a first draft. Shedding his dead weight and getting a real leader was the best idea this show ever had.

Blake Foster's version of the story of how he got hired is "I was shooting on another movie set, and they pulled me over and were like, 'How'd you like to be the new blue ranger?'" WHAT ARE THESE PRODUCERS EVEN. Also, part of my deilght in Justin & Tommy's interactions is Blake's "it's pretty cool getting to work with Jason and everybody," having "grown up" (lol kid you're literally 12 and it's been on less than 4 years) watching the show.


  • The "natives" thing feels...pretty racist. The fact that I recognize it as potentially racist probably means it is actually the most racist thing to have happened in media in the past 20 years.

  • Larigot & Fam, still a delight. They're like Star Wars creatures, but ones whose charm I get.

  • The Piranhatron costumes are...bad. They are clearly men in suits as opposed to evil walking robot fish.

  • Tommy is so weirdly desperate with his "I have to check the other one!" that it leads me to believe in The Darkest Timeline version of this scene, they were dumping Kimberly & Jason's bodies.

  • In response to "I'm the new blue ranger!", I really love everyone's lack of joy, particularly Tanya & Tommy's distinct "wtf" / "ROCKY U IDIOT / "oh god this child is going to get killed on our watch" faces.

  • Adam watching the ship that his friends are on get blown up after not being able to warn them. (ANGST RADAR)

  • (SUDDEN MEMORY FLASH: I'm pretty sure I started witing out an AU fanfic at this point where at least some of them actually died. With a blue and/or purple Gelly Roll pen in the library in 8th grade while I was supposed to be working on a report for Geography. This is a weirdly vivid memory of my craft considering I'm pretty sure it topped out at 2 paragraphs).

  • MomKat is in fine form for this film. The amount of hugging and one-on-one concern she has for Justin is off the charts (also okay there is absolutely no way he does not have a puppy-love crush)

  • Tommy also pretty instantly seems to appoint himself the official Big Brother, so again I say, please give me a scenario where they become his legal guardians through whatever means necessary. They could feasibly be 18 at this point! He is living in a freakin' orphanage.

  • Kat is so pretty in this film. A promo photo from this movie has been my reference photo for my Kat Torai for years, but somehow she's even prettier in action. I know it's all makeup, because someone in a review complained about it, but I don't care.

  • Amy Jo looks like she is having the best time being evil. It gives me life.

  • Jason doing all his roaring and jumping and otherwise generally setting precedent for the evil Twilight vampires is also great. And kind of weirdly homoerotic.

  • I keep trying to figure out why Austin St. John's visage seems so familiar to me, and I realized in the underwater scene that it's because he has a real Darren Criss kind of face. And he is still not appealing to me, wtf. (that said: he also kind of has a James Van Der Beek face. bet you didn't know those two had facial features in common)

  • THERE'S PROBABLY MORE but I have been trying to finish this backdated post for like a week and a half and my brain just can't contain any more emotions right now

Mosaic Broken Hearts
I don't know what they were doing in this movie re: Tommy/Kimberly and I don't care**, because his expression after seeing her face on the screen is the most magnificent sucker punch I have ever experienced. And the fact that he later tries to get her to see sense by taking off his helmet, in a super magnificent sucker punch of a mirror to when Katherine did that for him...or maybe we should read significance into the fact that it didn't work? Yeah. Ow. I love it.

I also love Katherine butting in at that point with "yes, we're your friends!" like Kat, honey, I don't think now is the best time; defend your territory later.

**I lied. The worst part of this entire movie is that after zooming in TWICE on the fact that HEY TOMMY AND KIMBERLY ARE EXES WHO ENDED REALLY WEIRDLY AND WITHOUT CLOSURE, this plot thread is completely dropped and never referenced again. I don't understand why there isn't at least a short conversation later. Even someone who doesn't know their history has probably picked up that he is fifty times more concerned about one captive than the other, and that benevolent sexism is probably not the sole reason.

&tru hearts

  • I think the world should know that seeing TomKat's hike through the jungle again singlehandedly inspired me to take a day off and go hiking. Was it also an excuse to Method Fic? You know it was.

  • The snake wrestling is the most gloriously terrible scene ever. :D :D :D

  • I have watched Tommy swan dive off that cliff to save her a million times and it's still not enough.

  • Speaking of -- even Preteen Me knew it was a treat to have him rescue her. He also apparently fashioned a splint off screen; let's talk about the hands-on work there.

  • Can we talk about his post-swim hair having dried full of lovely curls and also lending credence to how much time he must spend primping with a blow dryer and a a hairbrush normally.

It took me a while to spot the overt romance this time around -- unless you count Kat's reaction to Tommy seeing Kim, but even that felt more like her "oh no he's hurting!" expression than insecurity about what it might mean for her as a girlfriend -- but they're holding hands pretty hard while she's babbling some nonsense about getting their keys to do something ship-related. (haha punnage)

Further evidence: every time the lightning threatens to take of their heads and they hit the deck, he has one hand on her and one on the kid.

UPDATE: Oh gosh, look how happily he rushes over to hug her at the end. I completely forgot about that. What a thrill! This happiness is only bolstered by the subsequent swinging of Justin up on his shoulders, and GEEZE YOU TWO. Take your child and live happily ever after.
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