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Work website has been down for 21 hours at this point.

Are you going for giving me a second work weekend? Because that's how behind I'm going to be if you don't pull yourselves together. (it always goes down when we have severe thunderstorms...they just usually fix it by the middle of the following day) [edit: not 20 minutes later, it's back up!]

Oh well, I guess they wanted me to spend extra time watching TV & writing about it.

Zoo 2x03, "Collision Point"


+ I am really loving Chloe's Large And In Charge attitude. She has grown so much in the past year, and emerged as such an excellent team alpha that I frankly can't conceive of anyone looking to Jackson to take the lead in ideas ever again.

+ I was a little worried about the giant magnet, seeing it go to an Under the Dome/Lost place. If you're gonna go to a post-season-1-Lost/Under the Dome place, you better have sufficient ships in place to support your boring sci-fi. I think they wrapped that up fairly well, but here's hoping we back off the evil insects and get back to the evil mammals that make this show interesting soon.

+ I love that Mitch has to go for the sarcastic personal attack at the first opportunity, even though he not only should have expected the immediate clap-back he got, he should also know better than to antagonize a Very Bad Dude with unlimited resources that could be used against him.

+ Is there nothing Mitch won't taste (albeit this time accidentally) for science?
(a.k.a. oh god that makeshift spinal tap was disgusting)

+ I love how bad Chloe and Jackson are at discussing their secret in secret. I choose to believe that Mitch is so chill about it because he just assumes they're hooking up and it's fun to toy with them.

+ I love that Mitch remains so tunnel vision about Jamie’s safety. Eleanor's got some worrisome news so big she needs to meet with them in person? Cool. Where's Jamie? Eleanor's dead and she doesn't have any allies? Well fuck that means no one's going to rescue Jamie.

At this point, it has become such an obsessive quest for so long that I'm not sure what Mitch is going to do when she DOES come back. Is that the point he'll remember that they don't actually have a romantic relationship to rekindle? I haven't written any speculative fic because I genuinely cannot picture how it's going to go beyond the world's happiest hug.

+ I really, really loved his bitter resignation that "no one's going to waste any resources looking for a redhead lost in the woods. Right?" a.k.a. Jackson, you can take your reassurances and shove it.

+ And I LOVED Abe finally getting fed up with being treated like dirt and roaring at Mitch that the grief of losing Jamie does not belong to him alone, and how dare he assume his pain is more important than theirs. As much as I'm enjoying the feeling otherwise, that is SUCH an important thing to acknowledge (remember when Abe told her about his past and he declared her to be family?).

Bow Chica Wow Wow
-YIKES @ the unexpected Abe/Dariela smoochin'. I heard it was coming but didn't expect it so QUICK. Show, I haven't even decided if I like her*, and trying to throw romance in my face is not the way to accelerate that so much as it is to incite the same kind of temper tantrum the zoo animals had in response to Chloe & Jackson's kiss.

*Although since we're stuck with her, I'd like to like her. I'm actually inclined to like her, mostly because no one is in my face saying I'm racist if I don't, but it is hard to open my heart enough to let a new person into this pack when they are such an OT5, and when it feels uncomfortably like she's just replacing Jamie

+ Also,  Jackson chose the most ridiculously roundabout way bring this up to Abe in a judgy manner, and I love it. "You know, the social structure of ants is actually quite similar to that of humans? Male ants, for example, will mate with attractive new female ants even if they're from an enemy colony."

+ Mitch's continued dislike of Dariela is giving me life. It's not often that a man actively dislikes a woman and it isn't being set up as a hate-at-first-sight romance. I'm actually kind of intrigued to see her relationships with all the team members change -- Abe is her only ally right now, Jackson hasn't really had much interaction with her, and Chloe is in a constant clash of wills that REALLY interests me, because Dariela is so focused in her resentment of false authority and Chloe is more like mildly annoyed that this pup won't just do as she's told; Chloe is already managing one overgrown toddler and that’s her limit.

The Bad & Ugly
- Hold on, just let me cue up my RAGE METER that apparently we've decided to permanently disfigure Jamie, because...I don't even fucking know. Why? Why is realism suddenly imperative?

However, I am very proud of her for being suspicious of Logan, considering her track record with people who carry guns. I feel like they're not really going to make him a bad guy, although that would be the ideal solution to his dumb face, so I'm just hoping he stays a tolerable neutral so I stop getting that cranky feeling I get in YA novels when a girl is all poised to have an awesome storyline (it could have been a high-stakes version of "Wild"!) and then A Boy shows up because teen girls can't function without one.

-Basically all I'm using Logan for at this point is a stand-in dummy to help me remix the scenes as an AU where Mitch stubbornly ran off into the woods before they could make him leave, so they ended up leaving him too.

I also ended up blazing through season 5 of Reba this past week, despite suspicions I would abandon it where it lay (and perhaps I should have given my waning attention on account of it being more thoroughly diverted to PR & Zoo). My thoughts are minimal, even though it's the last full season, but nevertheless:

  • First of all GET OUT OF HERE with your sudden banjo twang in the theme song

  • Kyra is scary thin in her final appearance. I poked around for further clarification, and found: as the pressures of producing her musical debut collided with talk that the show might be canceled, Pomers became fixated on the one thing in her life she felt she could control: her body. "It was very stressful, and my weight became something I centered on," recalls Pomers. "I became obsessed."

    Reba producers noticed that, along with her dwindling size, the normally bubbly redhead was depressed and withdrawn on-set. Finally studio execs and Pomers's family sat the starlet down and encouraged her to seek help. "I would get angry," Pomers says of being confronted. "Even though I knew it was true, I'm one of those people who was very 'No, I'm fine!'" On October 10, 2005, Pomers finally admitted she was far from fine. She moved into a residential rehab center and, after two months, started seeing an outpatient therapist for five hours daily.

  • Despite that, I'm kind of surprised by how much I didn't really notice Kyra's absence. Like at all. My infatuation with her waned rapidly ths time around once she got into electric guitar and started talking about being in a band.

  • The Hurricane Katrina episode is one of my favorites, even though there were not enough dogs and the one dog who was there was not around enough.

  • Van & Cheyenne's marital problems stemming from his dislike that she's growing/changing interests are realistic, and I like that, but also I am Van in this situation.

  • I continue to enjoy Reba's fantastic hair, prolific violence

  • My Wayward Shipper side got a kick out of Brock on his knees, head on Reba's leg in despair after the reveal that they owe $75,000. I also liked the rare moment where they got to share a parenting moment with Cheyenne in her vow-renewal dress that Barba Jean didn't barge in on at any point

  • Oooh, and there was a really lovely episode where Brock got a kidney stone while BJ was out of town, and faked being sick longer than he needed to because he was enjoying having a friendship with Reba again, one where she didn't constantly belittle him and make digs about his affair. *happy sobs*

  • Some lovely serious/heartfelt moments in the hospital for the finale

  • And a lovely final montage, evidently serving as a possible series finale in the event that the CW didn't want it

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