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New episode of Zoo in under two hours! And yes, I have pretty much reached the point where all of my anticipation revolves around Zoo and I have countdown clocks on Tuesday and everything; my TV obsession needs an outlet. It actually needs 10-12 outlets for max. stability, so when I concentrate all of that energy in one spot, I get a little frenzied.

It doesn't help matters that the fandom is like 27 people strong (thank goodness multiple professional TV sites review it), and the spoiler sources are extremely limited. I am banging on internet doors daily waiting for Official Episode Synopses and promotional photos to be released, and fall onto the Monday sneak peeks like a starving tiger. There was an excellent article that was posted before the season started, and 3 episodes in we still haven't seen everything on that list, but little media news beyond that.

Currently I am wigging out over the promo for this week's episode, which boldly claims “by the end of this episode, one of these people will die.”

I initially went, “psh,” because promos are always being melodramatic.

[but then I started doing detective work to speculate on clues. Spoilery clues.]

Also, even if that were a true statement, it would probably result in lopping off one of the minor characters, who are still in the BTS cast photos from the last day on set. Plus obviously it’s not Chloe, because they blatantly showed her in danger.

Several hours later, I looked at said cast photos again and OH NO. The actress who plays Chloe is not in either of those. Nor was she in the earlier spoilery BTS photo I reblogged.

I want to believe in the truth of “what they show you is not how it turns out,” but I’m also like *panic mode: GO* Especially as someone who reblogged it from me said the actress hasn't been doing any promotional work, which is not a thing I've really paid attention to unless it's Billy.

I guess I'll know in less than 3 hours either way...maybe that promo can still be a big lie! [update: Did I see General Davies' face flash after the ominous line was read? I think I did, and now I feel really good that it could be him.]

In happier news, here's a really delightful story scenario for Jamie getting rescued after episode 3. It's a glorious 5,000+ words long and has fed me for days, and I'm still not done luxurating in it. The author did a bang-up job of getting us a plausible scenario (stolen military chopper, piloted by Suddenly Useful Dariela), and a really satisfying transition to introducing her to the plane and checking up on her injured (well, missing, #()#*%& forever!) toe. Plus the world's most indulgent ending that does not strike me as canon plausible, but I don't care because it is my #1 A+ favorite trope.

I've been avoiding fanfic for some time, as one of the many things my feeble senior fandom member heart has trouble with these days is recovering from the shock and betrayal of bad/out of character writing, and it was a wonderful relief to indulge in a genuine fic bonus.
Speaking of diversifying my TV portfolio, I tried to rouse some interest in the new American Gothic, which I didn't know existed until week 2, by watching the last 10 minutes of episode 3. My impression was pretty much, "That seems like a lot of sex and boredom," and it has been soundly dropped. The murder mystery intrigue does not look like enough to overcome the soapy trysts and/or the Rich People Scandal aspects I generally dislike. In conclusion, y'all should watch Zoo.
Tags: bad shows, fic rec, speculation, spoilers, zoo

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