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RS: Is sulking in corner, alternately wailing and cursing everyone she can think of.

*wails* The one post I let myself read beforehand was stunt_muppet's "mildly spoilerish" post in which she discussed her potential Pirates fic, so I had just one word rattling in my brain from the halfway point on: "Turnerette." If there was a Turnerette, there had to be a happy ending, right? Like Sam-and-Rosie LotR happy? I was picturing a scene like that.

So when Davey Jones merrily stabs Will, I'm all "Hm. Well, I'm sure he'll find a way to wriggle out of that. In the meantime, I will just enjoy this tender deathbed scene and 'aww' over Jack for getting her out of there. Because SOON THERE WILL BE TRIUMPHANT VICTORY AND RAINBOWS AND SUNSHINE YAY!"

And then't.  At all.  One day? Ten years, one day? That is not the fairy tale life they're supposed to have together! That's a glorified booty call! ($&@(*$&@)*($!!!  I'd almost rather she'd run off with Jack; at least then I could have told myself she had a change of heart a few years down the road.

I will now proceed to deny that movies 2 and 3 ever happened. 

Also, need fic. Lots of fic. Lots and lots of W/E fic.    

[Edit: BLAST IT ALL TO HELL, in the midst of all the excitement I forgot to set my tape for So You Think You Can Dance. I watch three shows a week in the summer, and I miss one of them. I hate today.]

[Double edit: Ooh, found shiny new icon.  Am also feeling duly placated after having [found multiple people who share] [info]ashields124's [potentially] game-changing interpretation.  Now just have to wade through...*shudder* over 40 pages...of fic at the Pit to find a few gems, and I'll be ready to get on with the squeeing. I've also decided that I am most definitely gonna have to go to this one again.  That's the loophole in my rule, you see; in lieu of 4 unique movies, I can choose repeat viewings.  It will be well worth it.]    
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