RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Dragging my heels on Zoo review because >:(

Me 2 days ago: there is zero complaining about racism or misogyny or homophobia to be found [in the Zoo fandom on Tumblr].
Question: would it be OK if I was the one who started yelling about misogyny

(I AM V. UPSET.  And I could use the force of several thousand angry feminists to support my rage [about a case of suspected fridging] on principle.)

Edit: GDI we also just got our first instance of someone complaining about fandom racism. That one has a lot less validity (like, white women are not immune from being hated for being a new character who directly caused the loss of a beloved original character? by any stretch of the imagination?), but now I'm even crosser. WHO HATH CAUSED THIS. Who can answer at the throne of God fandom? Writers and producers of the show have done it. Hear it not, CBS, thy showrunners have done it!
Tags: feelings explosion, zoo

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