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Zoo 2x05, "The Moon and the Star"
Me last week: I’d like to believe this show is not so frantic that it would give us no time to mourn before barreling ahead to the Optimistic Reunion Times.

Who was I kidding, what show am I watching, OF COURSE ZOO IS THAT FRANTIC.

[cut for time: two-hour stream of cussing out the Zoo writers for their incurable idiocy in writing out Chloe and acting like adding 2 women will make up for losing the best one.]

I take no pleasure in accurate predictions. I stand by my comments that IF they were going to do it, I wanted it to happen in exactly this way -- immediate panic upon finding her, getting her safe in the plane instead of a body abandoned for Davies' team to cover up, Mitch desperately trying to save her, Jackson doing his best to comfort her in her final moments/taking what little comfort he can in being able to say goodbye, and vindictively driving Dariela out of his sight -- but also, eff you, I don't think you understand how COMPLETELY NOT DONE I am hearing Jackson call her "baby" and/or "sweetie," or the amount of tantrum I have left that we are robbed of any future pretty kissing.

Still...I loved everything about what this scene chose to be under the circumstances, between Mitch looking at a rare loss and stammering that he can't do anything else, defensively blowing up when Jackson badgers him into a corner and both of them just as quickly backing down and retreating into grief. I also really like that it was just the two of them at the end with her..

I will now sit here consumed by grief for the rest of the evening and weep all over my keyboard at Jackson's final forehead kiss, holding her hand until it's cold, wearing her bracelet* and getting lost in old videos of her on her honeymoon trip that he's obtained who even knows how because screw you guys and your desire for non-plot-advancing exposition.
*that she was not wearing last week while banging on the airlock? but LOL OKAY ZOO let's pretend that's a thing

Still Grumping
I really want to know why they thought killing Chloe was a good idea. It's been met with universal anger. Does anyone ever talk to these producers/showrunners? Do we even know their names? Honestly, it feels like the actors are as much free agents as their characters and no one's actually sure who the hell is running things up top/behind the scenes, if anyone. Maybe the actors are just throwing it together on their own. I'd believe it.

Edit: I did look up a couple of articles, but the BS won't cut through my brain. "To lose Chloe felt like it would be this incredibly profound loss — that it would put such a huge hole in our team just as they’re starting to understand the next phase of the mutation, with them sort of scrambling to figure out how to keep their mission going and how to stay on track. And with Jackson, it’s like, here is this guy, there’s something wrong with him, and Chloe was his real confidant in this. So being able to explore what it was like for him losing that person in this moment felt like it was really kind of compelling stuff. [Chloe’s death] sort of doubles down on the commitment of our team to go solve the problem, because now they need to finish the work that Chloe, in many ways, started."

I'm looking for a good point and I just don't see one. You're doing the thing all shows do in season 2 -- "hey, people really seem to like our show! Let's change it. Add some fresh new characters at the expense of our old ones. It's gonna be so fun."
#who even are you Josh Appelbaum #no one knows your name #this seems like a very cheap and petty way to change that

The Dariela Problem
Abe is a wonderful human being part eleventy billion: Dariela is asking for compassion from the only person who might provide it, and even when he refuses he rejects her in the most regretfully polite way possible.

I think it's really important that he didn't forgive her, both to keep the fandom from inciting (further) riot, and because he rejected her despite her complete and utter acceptance and acknowledgment of blame. She's already given the truth to Jackson, not omitting a thing despite knowing her confession will damn her, and she has nothing but remorse when she talks to Abe. It is the most blatant plea for comfort I can imagine her hardass self giving without outright asking for it, but there is none to be had, and you can see how much losing that hope hurts. Making her that much of a persona non grata on this plane makes her sufficiently vulnerable that I want to protect her.

Strange Familiars
The A plot: okay but like what kind of X-Files rip-off? That was clearly Schizogeny's weird orchard dirt crossed with the Black Oil alien mytharc.

The B plot: we're really gonna go full-on The Lottery with this? Ugh. (I was traumatized by a movie adaptation at an impressionable age. Still triggers a bad reaction in me.)

Highlights from the A Plot
* That is a pretty great reveal for who owns the plane

* I want to enjoy Mitch being a snarky jerk to his stepmother -- and does anyone want to talk about Mitch's dad marrying a way younger woman and what that means for Mitch and his feelings for closer-to-his-daughter's-age-than-his Jamie or nah? -- and getting back as good as he gives, and I'm mad that my enjoyment of that is tempered by my continuing grumpiness. If it felt vaguely like Dariela was replacing Jamie, Allison is blatantly replacing Chloe and I'm not okay with her staying on the plane.

I love her hair and her tall boots but can't say I love her yet. I did, however, have pleasant feelings re: Mitch sourly complaining point-blank that she got in the way of them finding Jamie.

* There is nothing Mitch won't taste for science!


* Mitch sounds so disappointed when it's clear Jackson hasn't come to the lab to talk about toxic glass. I also loved his, "uh...okay?" response to Jackson burying the lead by starting with "So I was saying goodby to Chloe, and I started crying." Like 'OK Jackson, do you need some kind of reassurance that that's normal and not unmanly or...?'

The Jamie/Maddie Slumber Party may have occurred under the worst of terms, but IT WAS SO PRECIOUS, MY STARS. Instant sister bonding! The grief of losing your mom too young! PLEASE let us take this darling little creature along on the trip. Protect her. Take care of her. Give Jamie a BFF, because as much as I wanted her and Chloe to be friends (*more swearing*), they were never going to be that tight -- they just come from such vastly different backgrounds, and Chloe's maturity is leaps and bounds ahead. I have seen no evidence this will happen, but I am already geared up for bitterness if we can't keep her yet we get stuck with Logan forever.

Gwen was channeling her best Dolores Umbridge throughout, and watching polar bears feast upon her was the only thing that made up for having to watch her chew the scenery with her gleaming Crazy Eyes for a whole episode prior to that, even if it meant Jamie being responsible for YET ANOTHER DEATH omg, justifiable or not.

I can't believe I just missed an opportunity to make a classic OMGWTFPOLARBEAR joke. Also, how accidentally cute are polar bears peering into half open school bus windows?
Hi guys. Watcha doin'?

So at this point I'd given up hope on the team getting to Jamie before next week, but suddenly we went from talking about Jackson's mutation to Dariela shooting bears and wtf??

But then out of nowhere it was WORLD'S HAPPIEST HUG TIME, exactly as I imagined it aside from not quite enough focus on Mitch's face and a director who is real in love with orchestral scores replacing dialogue and ambient sound. Jamie breaking into a clumsy 9-toed jog. "What took you so long?" (thanks to an eagle-eyed lip reader on Tumblr) Mitch grabbing her like an overeager bear (too soon?) and Jamie clinging right back and the two of them just standing there for ages swaying and holding onto each other.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Up next: I predict that there is a time skip to the next day and/or that a stupid amount of post-reunion/getting her settled into their new luxury jet headquarters is skipped right over, so if it is and that grinds your goat, feel free to take a large chunk of Find My Way Home as canon. You'll just have to work around the Chloe bits. (*more swearing*)

P.S. As angry and upset as I am about Chloe -- and I am upset, like I woke up on Wednesday morning with that sickened feeling that something horrible has happened, 5 seconds before the memory came back and I hoped fervently it was only a nightmare -- I love this show far too much to leave it over something like this. Especially now that Jamie's back. Honestly, this show would have to lose Mitch AND Jamie AND Jackson before I'd let it go, and even that's not a guaratee. It's possible blowing up my remaining ship would also do the trick, but let's not test me on that front.
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