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NCIS: 13x06-08

Anyway, now that #9's out of my system, can we talk about how great these episodes were?

13x06, "Viral" - Highlights
-This episode opens with a tiny white boy dressed as a sheriff pointing a finger gun at a random black man reading the newspaper. Strictly speaking, he's accusing him of being the ice cream bandit, but boy that hits a nerve now given the frequency of 2016's homicides via police.

-McGee & Delilah arguing in binary, even though even then I couldn't help but notice them spectacularly pulling off the Communication Is Key, Love Conquers All trope that the Bishops need.

-I would watch the hell out of a spin-off featuring Cyber Dream Team Abby/Ellie/Delilah. We could call it "CSI: Cyber: New and Improved." There's even a tagline: "A forensic cyber specialist...a cyber terrorist hunter...and a cyber spy."

-Delilah requests secret rings to identify the Cyber Dream Team, and Abby delivers. Hollowing out coins in full Rosie the Riveter attire.

-Gibbs setting off a cackling witch by brushing against it. It's a total throwaway bit and no one in the scene acknowledges it happening, which is the best part. That's just how Abby's Lab rolls this time of year.

-Ellie squaring off against Gibbs ordering her to go home, and winning.

-McGee empathizing that he does, in fact, know exactly what it is like to worry about your significant other's fate after they're caught in a bombing.

-The elevator ending, with Bishop, finally having a chance to process what it meant to almost lose her husband at this point, and Gibbs guaging the exact level of brimming tears required to intervene before initiating hugs and "Everything's gonna be all right."
13x07, "16 Years": a.k.a. DUCKY AND THE SECRET SHERLOCK SOCIETY. Including Lucille Bluth! That was twenty types of fun, and pretty creative for this show. Also, awww @ Abby freaking out because she may have performed faulty tests (even though it's the test itself that's flawed), attemptng to triple-check her entire life's work, and Gibbs showing up to provide supportive hugs. Literally plural hugs, in this case. Hug #1 is followed by Abby's plea to fix this -- "You always fix things. Please, fix this too," and subsequently earns her a follow-up hug. "I'm trying. I am trying, Abbs."
13x08, "Saviors": Speaking of this show being impressive -- this episode was a doozy. Super intense opening (this show doesn't usually make you get to know that many nice people that well before inducing merciless slaughter), and having hit the ground running, it never let up.

I'm really glad Jeanne Benoit has actually moved on with her life and they didn't bring her back to stir up an Awkward UST situation. My hold on not despising her is real low, as proven by the fact that when the actress guest starred on Zoo last year I had a negative gut reaction to her face before I
remembered why I knew her, but I'm really happy she married a hot doctor and they now run an amazing Doctors Without Borders type group.

I really did love McGee's glee in explaining to Bishop who Jeanne was. That's how you catch up an audience who may or may not have been there 8 years ago and/or may not remember the details even if they were (HOLLA!). They provided a beautiful amount of closure to ancient history, between Tony bristling with unusual seriousness when Ellie and McGee try to pry ("Nothing to discuss, McGossip Girl") and his later conversations with her, never mind somewhat redeeming himself in the first place by going on the rescue mission to save her husband, a feat accomplished largely by the skin of their teeth and a lot of luck.

Speaking of the rescue mission, I still had episode 11 of Zoo fairly fresh in my mind, so the hostage situation with the doctors gave me a pretty decent Mitch/Jamie AU to play with. But since this is NCIS, I will stop referencing that beautiful bonkers show and just talk about how I impressed I was with that entire storyline, from the friendly liason to the drive-by Seal stop to the frightened girl hiding in a closet with a machete to the random stray dog who trots across the scene of a former campsite (to which I may or may not have been like "noooo take the puppy with you! Don't let him get eaten by lions!"). And, you know, the actual foolhardy explosion-setting in order to get the missing doctors out. Ooh, and I loved Ellie accidentally ending up "running point" back home, upon being reminded that since all the boys are out of the house, that role goes to her by default.

And just in case that whole South Sudan rescue mission/"Jeanne Benoit, Really?" thing wasn't enough, we had a spectacular Gibbs focus as the effects of the latter's gunshot wound make it known that trying to ignore pain and grunting half your orders is not an effective treatment and will result in you getting randomly knocked on your ass in the middle of the bullpen while you're trying to argue your total and absolute ability to run off to the African bush. Culminating in the most delightful hospital scene:

Abby, bursting in the door in full-on Stern Daughter Mode: You forget about South Sudan, Mr.!
"Don't 'Abby' me. You collapsed in the squad room! What part of that is OK to you?"
"Were you there? I did not collapse!"
Bishop, popping in to pester: Yeah, you kinda did.
Gibbs: Ah, swell. *grumbles and asks why they don't just call the whole darn gang in there*

I'm glad that it ended up being an actual effect of scar tissue, not just a symptom of unresolved psychological issues, but that Gibbs very reluctantly came around on the talk-it-out concept after all.
Plot highlights for 13x09 that didn't fit with the flow of the last post:
-I loved McGee being fool enough to disclose that he once dated someone with a fear of being tickled with a feather, followed by Tony's "Ooh, kinky. Wait, you haven't dated that many people," followed by a delighted "do I know them?" and even more delight upon confirming it's Abby.

-Everything re: Tony being back in Baltimore, but especiallly his interaction with the former snitch, including the super casual stopping of said snitch trying very unsuccessfully to figure out how to scale a fence.

-Ellie wandering down to Gibbs' basement (after midnight, so apparently Gibbs really doesn't ever lock his door), looking for an understanding ear, which she gets because off the clock, she's still a case of Protect Her, Take Care Of Her. "You talk. I'll listen."

-"Do you understand the irony of asking me for marital advice?"

She does. But your first marriage didn't end in divorce, and as you quickly prove, she wasn't wrong to ask you. "He can't tell you the details. He can tell you how he feels. You make him talk to you." Awww.

-I'm really happy that Jim Halper's Smarmy Brother (a.k.a. Smarmy States Attorney) was the bad guy, and that Nick Vera was the good guy in this story of corrupt law enforcement. Good call on the guest casting.
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