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I almost made it to Christmas.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jake is making heartfelt pleas halfway through the Christmas episode, which is a problem because it does not feel like appropriate pacing for a happy ending, which is terrible because YOU KNOW I AM NOT MADE TO WITHSTAND GENUINE APOLOGIES. I burn through my anger, storm off in a cloud of isolation, seek to ensure the offender is thoroughly and completely punished/made miserable while waiting, and then -- assuming the guilty party has remained in a suspended state of groveling -- I want to work through it. It's a good system and I expect all television shows to follow it as spectacularly as Did You Hear About The Morgans did.

"When you left, suddenly there was a wall, and we could barely talk to each other."
"Well yeah, not without violating national security."

"And that is the problem. I put national security first. I put the NSA before my wife." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I didn't think either of them was ever actually going to be allowed to realize that; WRITING ROOM WHY.

I'm so sure this is going to end horrible that that's it, I cannot finish this episode, not now; my tiny fragile heart is going to go curl up behind the stone wall again. SHUN ACTIVATED. Time to find a new show to work on. I could get back to my comedic roots and dig at 2 Broke Girls, maybe.

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