RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

My boyfriend just said he didn't think he could risk having a non-declawed cat in an apartment if he lives alone.

My instinct was to either punch him or break up with him on the spot, but I am animal-dumb right now and so thoroughly demoralized by the culture of Tumblr Hates Everything that I don't actually know if or why this is bad. I am also too demoralized to tell which parts of the internet that agree with me are hysterical animal rights activists and which ones are sensible people with sound reasoning against it.

Anyone want to either validate or reassure me?

Honestly, right now the fact that I even have to think about this has been enough to hurtle me into a sad "animals are stupid and hard to deal with and I don't want another one ever" place. It's been a crap day.
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