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Woke up at 6:45 and got the internet out of my system -- couldn't feel guilty about not taking a walk because THUNDERSTORMS. That lasted just until 9:30 AM before giving way to increasing sun. Even more perfect.

Worked super-productively from 7:30-1:30 (5 out 6 hours was pure work). Took a shower, bustled about getting ready, worked almost another hour, and managed to leave the house at 3:15, whereupon I took a 30-minute drive and had a merry ol' time in St. Paul accomplishing the following:

* My first-ever apartment tour! It was pretty awesome, even though I know the location probably won't work for Chris. But it was a building I wanted to look at, and the only successful human connection out of 5 location attempts this week, and I figured this way I could make a total fool of myself and make all the mistakes and it wouldn't hurt anything. (it actually was not too bad! I couldn't find my notebook and I forgot all the questions I wanted to ask, but the landlady was super nice. And it turned out there was another girl who was on the tour with me, a younger but more experienced in apartment renting girl, so I let her take the lead and paid attention to questions she asked)

The really important thing is that I get some experience in doing this so I know what I'm doing when I look at a place I might actually want. I've been saying literally ALL YEAR that we should start going on apartment tours just to see what they're like, even before Chris got this job, but somehow we had yet to do it.

On the way back home, I went to...

* The clothing consignment shop that was closed last time I was in this area. Expensive, but enjoyable to browse.

* Tripped over a church sale (or rather, a synagogue sale!) that was ENORMOUS -- a hallway + a dozen rooms of stuff, so big it goes on for like 10 days, and this was a week in -- that was open from precisely 4-8pm today, perfect timing! I had a blast looking at everything and I found 3 wonderful nearly-new pairs of shoes for $2 each: black clogs, tan sandals, and the prize: white sandals with a black base. I have at least 3 dresses that just don't look right with any of the black/brown/silver/red/pink/turquoise sandals I own -- they are begging for white, and now I have 'em! Do you think I have too many shoes, given the number that can only be worn in summer alone? You are wrong. I revel in my late-adulthood arrival to the World Of Shoe Obsession women are famous for.

* A secondhand bookstore I've never been in before. It's WONDERFUL. It's technically a "used books and new toys/games" store (that's what it says in the window!) and it's one of those magical shops that is small but feels bigger on the inside because it's full of ceiling-high stacks and everywhere you turn there are new nooks and crannies.

It has every conceivable book one might want, a decent selection of each, and the prices on the regular sized paperbacks & hardcovers I looked at ranged from $2.50 to $7.50. There was even a shelf of vintage/antiquarian children's books. The windows were full of Harry Potter promotions and the staff appeared to be high school or college-aged and generally awesome.

* Stopped by the library and dilligently spent one last hour and 15 minutes on work.

Got home at 9pm, and now it's...oh, it's past 11. I should be planning on bed soon.
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