RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Well, that was an episode.

2.06, Sex, Lies and Jellyfish
OK, I am feeling too “ugh” (if not surprised) to form more coherent words right now, so I'm just gonna ask the most pressing things on my mind:

1. Did you make Mitch the new leader specifically so that he would be too busy to focus on Jamie?

2. Did you bring Logan aboard specifically so that Jamie would have less incentive to talk to Mitch? (wait I know the answer to this one it’s “yes”)

3. You’re really not gonna tell me what became of Maddie? Like did we just leave her with the monster people or…?

4. Did that shower scene really need to start out like a softcore Cinemax movie?

5. And most importantly:

Tags: feelings explosion, tv commentary, zoo

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