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Double episode review now because initially I felt very "blah" about episode 6 (that's a new post for LJ I just imported from Tumblr a second ago), but then Tumblr was full of excellent discussion and thoughts that I also blabbered all over, particularly this 3500 word Mitch/Jamie meta that is so good I'm pretty sure maegfen and I should be fandom spouses. I linked to my posts because at least 50% of this week's review is in response to those and my extreme failure to focus on how great the ship focus secretly was last week, even if it wasn't sunshine and puppies.

Then I wrote more words on the rest of the episode.

2x06, "Sex Lies and Jellyfish," take 2:

  • There was 100% less sex than this title led me to believe. Though come to think of it, as long as Logan is aboard the plane that’s probably good. Does that give you an idea where the content of this review is going?

  • This episode may have had enough character growth to rank it above #3, but I still think it’s the weakest plot of the season. Super-fast poisonous spiders are not a good go-to move. (Although Mitch craftily freeing the spiders to later wreak havoc and cause a diversion for them to escape was nice.)

  • My reaction to Jackson’s dad existing contrary to what we were told last year: “Shut up and be dead.” – Big Jim on Under the Dome, 2x01 (I would have shown you directly, but I searched the internet for TWO HOURS for that gif in vain)


  • Really glad we got to see Mitch wrapping up her foot. Besides it being the only touching she will allow, it’s so very gentle, particularly when he stops working for a minute and just absently has his hand on her foot. Imma just borrow maegfens' screencap here:


  • Speaking of no touching, as much as it crushed my heart in a giant fist when she asked to be alone with her tears, I like how hesitantly she says it, without eye contact. She’s very much aware that he’s seeking comfort as much as he wants to provide it, and just isn’t up for it, but I think she’s trying not to hurt his feelings.

  • That or I am romanticizing what is actually her trying to very politely refrain from saying “I cannot believe you’re justifying a murderess. Bitch killed my friend. Leave or die.”

  • Loved Mitch’s reaction to having the “team leader” title imposed on him (he’s got a good thing going, Allison. He works in the lab. Alone. And takes naps, lots of naps. It’s great). And it sucks that I can’t really enjoy it because all I could focus on was how obviously they showed this job getting in the way of checking up on Jamie, and how on at least one occasion Lionel was already there doing it for him.

  • (I’m gonna call him Lionel from now on. I think it could help mediate my anger.)

  • I also really appreciate that Mitch is low-key scorning him. (“There are no dumb questions, Lionel, only dumb people." / "It's Logan." / Nobody cares, Sean.)

  • My theory is that Lionel is going to be a genuinely good guy, just because he is so perfectly designed to be hated, but then again, Mitch has good instincts so now I’m intensely curious to know what he could still be hiding.

  • Mitch’s first act as boss: hopefully ask if he can fire Dariela. =D

  • Loved his super awkward "uh hey, listen...up?" attempt to brief the troops before heading out in the field.

  • A question I forgot in my last post: who wants to go jump off the feelings cliff with me that Mitch grudgingly consents to keeping Lionel, at the risk of great personal cost, for Jamie’s sake?

  • I also like that Mitch’s immediate go-to when directly asked about his relationship with Jamie is now Denial. “What, her? We’re friends. Work friends. Grown-up friends.”  (damn, can’t find the Jeff/Annie gif I want to accompany that ,either. I’m so bad at gif searching.)

  • I do not like how fast Jamie shot down the suggestion that she and Mitch were a thing. *continuous growling*

  • ^ I have since invalidated this reaction upon it being pointed out she did not shut it down – she deflected. “It’s complicated” leaves room to revisit, and more importantly, admits there are still feelings swirling about.

  • I hate that the majority of Mitch’s interaction with Jamie has been reluctantly defending Dariela. He’s gotta do it for the sake of team harmony – and because it’s fair – but validating her anger is like the one thing that could earn him points with her right now and he’s ruining it.

  • Also, awww, he very subtly tried to open a line of communication to talk about last year, but she not only didn’t take it, she actively avoided the topic. Avoidance is better than an outright brush-off, but barely.

  • Next question: how long is it going to take Mitch and Jamie to fight? Mitch has been a well of patience thus far, and he has always had an extra allowance of tolerance for her, but his normal fuse is about as long as a matchstick and Jamie is already spoiling for fights and gotten irritated with him at least twice. I have to believe it’s coming.

  • Jamie’s epic backhand and subsequent brawl with Dariela is something we all needed to see, and misplaced aggression is my second favorite PTSD symptom after night terrors, so thank you.

  • On the other hand, I hate that she suddenly seems so different. I know it makes sense, that when all she could focus on was staying alive she didn’t have time to process how bad it was, much less what she’d missed, but… you know, I lost where I was going with this because this particular complaint has been steamrollered by all the great meta I read this week. VIVA LA PTSD RECOVERY ROAD.

  • You know who I think would be real useful in this situation? Abe. If Dariela and Logan weren't getting in the way, I think that Abe would be a real friendly safe place for her to decompress, since Jackson’s too riled up/wrapped in his own problems and Mitch represents a lot she’s not ready to deal with yet. Abe seems like the perfect non-threatening, judgment-free outlet.

  • P.S. Show I really hope you understand that Dariela/Jamie bonding is not the girl bonding I came to see and I have zero interest in it. I laid out three specific alternate options for you already. You choosing to spurn them all in favor of this displeases me.

2x07, "Jamie's Got A Gun"
This title is accurate insofar as Jamie (along with other people) holds a tranq gun to fend off rogue panthers/bears/foxes while out in the field and does absolutely nothing with it. Have you just been regretting the fact that it was too spoilery for 1.06 and been dying for an excuse to use it ever since? As for my main impressions:

The Good
1. YES LOGAN'S THE MOLE! (and not the cute kind that Mitch resembles) I don't even mind looking like a fool for defending him because I have never been so happy 2 be wrong.

And with that, I let out the breath I'd been holding for the past week. Ship threat targeted for neutralization. Please let this be exactly what it looks like and not some kind of weird "okay I did it but ONLY BECAUSE THEY THREATENED ME." I find it much more believable and comforting that Jamie just has the world's worst taste in men.

2. It was nice to see Abe and Jamie work together. I find his faith as comforting as his presence, and I am glad the show at least somewhat listened to me and had them make a connection.

The Shipping News a.k.a. The Very Good
3. Mitch's defense of Jamie. <3 They owe his presence to her and he's not going to let them forget it because it's inconvenient. I especially like that his exact words are he never agreed she was a liability, "I agreed that she's hurting." (such good phrasing) And "that means she gets all the time she needs, and I'm done talking about it." *dreamy sigh*

4. Nice that he does not rise to Allison's weirdly hostile bait about his crush. Sorry you think he's too good for her/made for better things? Like you apparently? ugh gross)

5. How Mitch uses the exact phrase "last time we were drinking vodka on a plane" just in case his last attempt to bring it up was too subtle. I refuse to be demoralized by her more aggressive shut down, both because LOGAN'S A DIRTY ROTTEN MOLE HAH!, and also because the very sharpness with which she avoids the topic lends itself to hope. That memory is locked in a box, surrounded by sharks, with guns, and she will open it when she's good and ready but for now she's simply going to put it off until her life feels like her own again.

6. Aw @ him wistfully watching her leave.

IDK What Feeling This Is
7. As much as I love my two faves doing anything together, Mitch forcing Jackson through the repressed memories and not even having the decency to display some empathy afterward made me all kinds of :( Come on guys, be bros. Bros without yo hos.

(I want to believe that Mitch looked at least a little guilty about forcing him for the greater good, but I just didnt see enough conflict to satisfy me. Revolution was full of emotional-conflict-over-ethics faces.)

8. So Abe's gonna hide a secret from Jackson now, huh? My how the turn tables have...turned.

9. Wait, is Dariela really gone, just like that? What?? That does not jive with the last-day-of-filming cast photos. Will she pop back up for the finale?

(But for the moment, I'm pretty happy with her getting gone after her last act of treason, a.k.a. convincing Logan to stay with Jamie. You don't aid the ship threat. If you can see Logan's dumbass heart eyes, which frankly I can't, it's pretty impossible to have missed Mitch's.)

The Bad
10. Good god those CGI panthers were bad. So bad. Everyone who signed off on them should be ashamed.

11. I cannot believe there is no one here to hug poor wibbly broken Jackson right now.

12. Allison is on extremely thin ice with me right now. I don't like to hate people on this show who aren't openly villains, but between her hostility toward two of my faves and puppeteering of my other one, I will make an exception.

13. Also, WHY IS ALLISON MAKING SUGGESTIVE COMMENTS TO MITCH. THIS IS DISGUSTING. I'm...I'm gagging and vomiting at the same time. I'm
(listen y'all, I have a Scrubs reaction for EVERYTHING. what I do not have, unfortunately, are gifs of those things)

Up Next
Oh hey, does that look like Abe & Mitch are captured along with Jackson? Because I'm down for that. Also, the episode summary says “Jackson’s mom goes missing in Africa” and OMG, I hope that leads to a very happy rescue at some point because in the complete opposite of how I feel about Jackson’s dad, I love his mom so much. Please be alive, and hug your son.
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