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For a Friday that started off so badly, it sure turned out well.

And by "started off badly," I mean that I started off going to garage sales with my dog, mindful of the minor twinge in my abdomen but figuring I'd walk it off, because my cramps are never really that bad.

Hah-hah, famous last words.  We ended up walking a little farther than I meant to in search of a particularly enticing-sounding estate sale (maybe I'd actually find some damn books for sale at this one), at least a mile from home, only we didn't quite make it due to the fact that I suddenly found myself in unbearable agony.  Turned right around, though every step hurt so I started stopping to rest every hundred yards or so, but no matter what I did, there was quite literally no way to escape the all-consuming PAIN for even two seconds.  At one point I simply collapsed in the park, crying.  Never felt anything like that before.  Was quite frightening, really.  Ibuprofen promptly took it all away as soon as I got home (a torture march which took a good 40 minutes), but it felt like I was going to die before I got there. 

More garage sales tomorrow, in a slightly more distant but also more affluent part of town, and Dad's game plan is to bike to these.  Part of me thinks I should consider having the game plan changed, but the other part says "Well, tomorrow you'll know enough to have water and medicine on hand; we might find NON JUNK ITEMS!" 

By "turned out well," I mean there was both entertaining TV and a most fantastic book.  I'm not quite finished with the book, but unless something stupid happens in the last 75 pages to make me hate it, I expect I'll be back shortly to squee over it.  For now, just the TV reviews.

Just a few quick notes on Pirate Master:
-I've decided I really like Laurel.  She looks exactly like a girl I used to know, and I kind of like her funky vagabond/new-age hippie style.  I even like her dreadlocks, because while normally I despise the things, the one place they belong is in a pirate-themed setting.

-I still find the challenges highly entertaining.  This week was especially worth it to see Joe Don unseated as captain, woot!  If only Azmyth hadn't decided to adopt a fake English accent the moment he put on the outfit. Louie (who is so cheerfully endearing that you *have* to like him) says it best:  "I think there's some kind of dope in that cap, that goes straight into your brain as soon as you put it on your head."  Totally true.

-Snobby bitchy Alexis got set adrift, yay!
Standoff: Backfire
Episode: 7.5
Cute Meter: 3

I definitely think this should have been their comeback episode; the plot was much more gripping even if the Cute Meter didn't register much.  I love how what seems like the A plot, with the subway takeover, is abruptly wrapped in the first half thanks to Emily's brilliance, and the crazy guy's seemingly spur-of-the-moment hostage situation...which I probably should have figured would be significant when Matt claimed he'd take care of it easy-peasy...becomes far more complex and twisted.  (Side note: I hate it when one of the hostages ends up dead.  It's always the one I like best, too)  I was actually really surprised when it turned out that the psychologist had been subliminally manipulating her patient all along, but in was Rebecca Nevins (of Horatio-seducing fame).  I always knew that woman was evil!

Cute bits are an even split between Matt starting to go down the route of second-guessing and self-blame, with Emily refusing to let him...and the ending, with the shoulder nudge to make him slide over and let her into the booth.  Little things like that fill me with glee.  Seriously, this show has perfected the formula of how to portray romance on crime drama.  Every so often they'll get a major scene about their relationship (too often, it would just blow up faster); the rest of the time you're assured that they'll slip something into the teaser and/or the final minute to prove they're still thriving.  I have a theory that they're able to create these small moments with the time CSI wastes on dialogue-free evidence-processing montages.  NOT THAT I'M HINTING OR ANYTHING.

I really hope this show is released on DVD.  I swear I'd even pre-order it; I haven't wanted a TV show this badly since my first surge of Philedom.
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