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My attention span has been very busy over the past 24 hours.

Part I: Background
Written yesterday but unposted, a fact I now regret because it's important for setting up all the progress I've made today. We've reached that point in the season of Zoo where there is no longer enough footage each week to satisfy my increasing demands for Billy Burke's character, and I go looking for more of that dude's work.

Alas, one year later, "Good After Bad" is not done cooking, with only a vague slated-for-2017 release date. And my library has essentially nothing -- of its meager non-Twilight offerings that I have not yet seen, one of them is Drive Angry, which I do not think I can sit through, and the other is Untraceable, which I'm saving for when I'm in the right mood for that plot because it's all that's left. I would rewatch things, but I've already seen Red Riding Hood twice and I can't go through the whiplash that is watching Revolution and Zoo at the same time. Again.

I mean, there's Lights Out in theaters right now, but he's not high up enough on the cast list for me to spend money on it.

You know, I did not have this problem when I went through my Paul Walker stint earlier this year. The library had everything HE'D ever starred in...

And that's how I ended up checking out the TV appearances. Which leads me to...

Part II: Presenting Rizzoli & Isles
I've always liked the idea of this show, because I love the actresses and also, BESTIES!, but fandom's "OMG LESBIANZ" attitude about it has been a thorn in my side almost as long as it's been on. I figured if I watched it, I would have nowhere to go to delight in their friendship without people getting weird, so why torture myself.

This is not the story of how I started watching it, although it should be noted that I did take a run at a couple of promos and friendship clips just to confirm that it is 1000% to my tastes (Isles has a tiny dog?? Jane is basically Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality?) and I will definitely be doing that at some point. But I was on very specific mission today: YouTube's clips of Agent Dean.

And while by "clips" I mean "1 clip and 2 fanvids," it has been enough to send my interest levels way, way up. (and then right back down when I realized how minimally important to this series he is. I cannot BELIEVE this is an Alex Lesman situation all over again)

Anyway, I dunno if I can actually handle watching this show if I'm going to spend this whole series mad that Jane/Dean is not the OTP. I say that in jest, but...let's just check how far I got on Gilmore Girls after last fall. *looks left and right in vain for signs of more than 3* Uh-huh.

BUT IN RELATED NEWS: apparently this show is based on a book series, and in said books Agent Dean is husband material, and would you excuse me I think I need to go round up a book or five where my fantasy casting aligns with reality.

UPDATE Y'ALL: "Very much alive, the woman is rushed to the hospital, where with shockingly cool precision, she murders a security guard and seizes hostages . . . one of them a pregnant patient, Jane Rizzoli."

Ahhhhhhh! No self, no, we are not gonna start at book 5, we're gonna be patient and see how their relationship actually starts in the books and --

"A lot of people seem to dislike this book as a lot of it comes from the point of view of Special Agent Gabriel Dean."

Part III: Forget the show. The book is better.
And that is the story of how as soon as it was humanly possible for me to escape from work today, I drove to the library, checked out book #5, flipped through it to see if it was to my tastes, promptly flipped my lid over the "is our baby OK?" OB/GYN appointment in chapter 5, turned right around to sit on a bench outside the library because the 5-minute drive home was too much time to wait, and read the entire thing on the spot.

I was going to write out a complete list of every shippy thing that happens*, but honestly, so much of it is joy in their banter that I keep getting distracted reading sections over and over. So just know that it includes an endless array of him fretting and worrying about her health and safety from afar while she's a hostage whose water has just broken, lashing out at incompetent professionals (physical aggression is not off the table), a score of hair and forehead kisses, sweet anticipation for a family/parenthood, spooning,[mild spoilers here]not one but two instances of husband heroically entering the scene at the point she most needs him, baby-makes-three, a thank-god-you're-alive hug, and dealing with mutual post-trauma nightmares. And possibly more..
* I have fifteen different scenes bookmarked right now. It might be a book record. If that is not SHIP OVERLOAD, I don't know what is.

My plan is to read book 2 next, which seems to be where their relationship began, and then we'lll see if I like the writing style enough to keep reading in order or if I will just rip the next several books apart in search of Jane/Gabriel scenes the way a bear might rip apart logs for grubs.
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