RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I was doing an impressive job ignoring the Olympics, but then I turned on the TV tonight and found women's gymnastics, my achilles heel! So I watched it (despite being interrupted for two hours by boring swimmers -- although I did catch that one lady smashing a world record and beating her competition by 5 seconds, which was exciting), and all of it was wonderful / I love everyone on this bar. Hernandez is like a human puppy -- specifically like a 21st century Littlest Pet Shop puppy with enormous eyes designed for extra cuteness. I like the other super-talented newcomer Simone, and feel happy familiarity about the two returning members Gabby and Aly. The other girl, I know nothing about except that she has nice hair.

But somehow, even more than the routines, what I loved was when an unacknowledged camera just sat on the team for like two minutes for no apparent reason, capturing them excitedly chattering among themselves about how nervous they had been earlier and how relieved they were to have gotten through their routines and just generally being adorable in the way that girls under 25 are when grouped together in a high-estrogen zone. It was really sweet to see their Srs Bsns Adult Competitor concentration be instantly washed away to reveal, "Olympians: They're Just Like Us!"

Other events I'm looking forward to: Men's gymnastics & diving
Events I will probably watch if I run across them: beach volleyball, soccer
Event I will WANT to watch but never actually have the fortitude to find out what odd hours it airs: equestrian
(update: yeah, they air at stupid times I'm busy working or sleeping, like 7-10am)
Tags: olympics

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