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*Except romance. It could have done better on that. But I mean, it wasn't terrible. I am willing to unspool it slow and painful if they will just promise me it's going on an upward trajetory and will pay off by the finale.


  • That there is an entire episode’s worth of lizard-capturing plot they decided to cut for time so as to have more fun on the plane (I approve this bottle episode so much)

  • Mitch continuing to display both open and under-his-breath contempt for Lionel

  • Mitch cutting himself snarking again

  • Clementine mention, plus a reference to the Mother Cell Stealing antics

  • Mitch/Jamie conversation (FRUSTRATION IS STILL CARING)

  • More specifically: Is it so wrong for me to want to look out for you?

  • (OMG his face. It is so hopeful, even despite all her dismissal to date. And then so surprised and hurt by her response)

  • Mitch showing more immediate concern than he did in 1x07 when Jamie arrives looking roughed up

  • Jackson making darkly threatening noises at people making gross rapey comments toward Jamie

  • Mitch and Jackson fighting again re: “no ideas” vs. “super terrible ideas that get people hurt”

  • Jamie being fed up with their squabbling and stomping off to help Abe

  • Jamie being the one to come up with the idea of electric ants as defibrillators despite being the only one not there to resurrect Dariela

  • Team bondage (what? that is not an inaccurate description of everyone sitting around all tied up, albeit as prisoners)

  • Mitch being a Big Damn Hero despite getting soundly whumped for his efforts

  • (also: I didn’t even realize until like my 5th rewatch that it’s not a random guard he charges with a headbutt at this point, but Logan. Talk about two birds with one stone)

  • HOWLER SLOTH. Cute Overload!

  • Abe taking out our collective frustration with Davies on Davies

  • Mitch coming on the scene of Temporarily Dead Davies all WHAT THE HELL DID YOU KIDS DO NOW.

  • Mitch doing an admirable job of staying fairly casual and insisting to Allison that everything is totes fine/NBD despite Jackson very audibly and hysterically panicking in the background

  • Allison being temporarily sympathetic because jesus Jackson are you trying to get her killed or just thrown in prison for life?

  • That said: Jackson being ready to burn the world down to rescue his mom is touching. Misguided as hell, but touching

  • Mitch hotly seizing control of the most insane situation and ordering things like “You, you, come with me. You, stay with him. Try not to kill him this time.”

  • Mitch in his element, performing impromptu reptile surgery! With Jamie as his semi-grossed out but surprisingly capable assistant!

  • “Nice job, doctor.” LOOK AT HIS STUPID PROUD SMITTEN SMILE. (also: remember my AU fanfic dream for him to open a veterinary practice and for her to eventually get a vet tech license so she can work alongside him just like this?)

  • LOGAN FALLING TO HIS TIMELY DEATH. (yes. falling. not at all shot/pushed.)

  • The fact that this episode showcased our originals working together – free of Dariela, quickly dispatching Logan and severely limiting Allison’s scope/ability to make creepy suggestive comments to Mitch. God, but it was a beautiful showing of original team chemistry.

  • PROBABLY MORE STUFF idk it’s been over 2 hours and i’M STILL YELLING

Tags: feelings explosion, zoo
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