RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

What has RS been up to lately besides Zoo?

1. Well first of all, Zoo got renewed for season 3, which makes me SUPER HAPPY because this baby has been my singular favorite currently-airing show for more than a year now, even when it was off the air during the regular season. OK, now non-Zoo stuff.
2. I've actually been watching a surprising amount of Olympics so far (by which I mean gymnastics, and then some boring lap swimming because I couldn't tell for sure when gymnastics would come back on; seriously guys, if you're gonna show a pool event in prime time then DIVING IS THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE CHOICE).
3. Because of that, I have seen all the wonderful promos for the fact that SUPERSTORE IS BACK, OUT OF NOWHERE, IN LIKE TWO WEEKS.  Part of me is giddy and part of me is terrified because I won't be able to not talk about it if I watch it, but if I talk about individual episodes I'll ruin the magic. But also, I can't wait. And also, if I wait until the end of several weeks to talk about it, i won't remember anything and Futue Me will be all sad.
4. I am continuing to devour Rizzoli & Isles books like there is no tomorrow. I also somehow accidentally got my mom hooked on them at the same time*. I was just telling her how fun it had been to be so engaged in a book, she asked to see the back cover, and BAM.  She reads mystery series from time to time, so this isn't unprecedented, but she also often gets bored with them. We've each read 3 now, albeit in totally random order, and she's commented how surprisingly engaging they are.

*I didn't even have to tell her about the Billy Burke tie-in. Although that may have been because she shares a first name with Rizzoli and I figured, you know, that's the kind of thing that can get weird.

Anyway, long story short, I originally checked out two, and five days later I came home and dumped four shiny new books on the coffee table, the spoils of everything else the library had in stock on the shelf. "Happy belated birthday! Now you can pick whichever plot sounds best." This was made better by the fact that my mom had been to the library earlier that day intending to check more out, but couldn't remember the author's last name. I expect we'll have them read within a week or so.
5. I made a supreme effort at the beginning of this week to overcome how stupid behind I was going into the weekend, and I have logged fully 35 hours on pure work this week (starting Monday). One day's worth of assignments to go. It feels both great and exhausting. Excercise went out the window, though. That's my only regret.
6. I spent one entire evening feverishly researching a magical farm formerly called Willowcroft. I am too tired to rehash it here, but you can read it all in the second half of my review. The most important takeaway here is that I actually went to bed feeling sick because when I initially finished the book, I figured the farm had been sold off decades ago and turned into suburbs by the late 90s. Somehow, knowing that Wolfs lived there so long, that it came so close to safety and was so recently turned into suburbs -- not even 3 years ago! -- hurt so much more.
7. I just learned Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children has been made into a Tim Burton movie, and it's coming out next month! So that should be sufficient impetus to reread the damn thing already (to fix the images in my head before they are replaced forever), and then between book and movie I should have enough of the story fixed in my head to read the sequel and additional books in the series without feeling lost and/or annoyed at the evolution from spooky horror to a Forces of Good and Evil plot.
Tags: books, movies, olympics, superstore, zoo

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