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2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake

1. Are there any songs about being up late specifically at 1AM or 5AM in the lyrics? Because it turns out I have 2-4 and also 6AM covered, lyrically speaking, and I would like the full set.

2. I have no clue why I'm so SUPER AWAKE right now. I woke up no later than 8:30, I've walked 2 miles at exercise speed and another 40 minutes in sandals today, and the computer was off from 3pm until I turned it back on at midnight due to boredom; just prior to that I finished 2 books. Of course, they were thrillers. But still. It wasn't even that hot or humid today. OK, let's see what kind of spare writing topics I've got after yesterday's news dump:

3. NCIS, 13x12, "Sister City"
"Oh cool, a crossover episode! That sounds perfect; they definitely won't have time to dwell on Ellie probably."

Part 2: HEY EVERYONE LET'S CHAT UP ELLIE ABOUT HER DIVORCE. Because why take the opportunity to let her enjoy going somewhere no one has any reason to know about her personal life when you could instead have everyone talk to her about literally nothing else.

In related news: how in the hell did they go from adultery confession to straight divorce in 3 episodes? And why are we treating it as a "yeah whatevs nbd" thing, like you're not even interested in character development but just needed to get her single again as fast as possible?

WHAT IS THIS SHOW EVEN DOING WHAT IS ITS ENDGAME WHY IS IT SUCH A PILE OF HALF-COCKED GARBAGE. How was her being married ruining any storylines/posing a creative writing block whatsoever? Honestly, Glee makes more sense than this show sometimes.

In mostly less rageful digestion:
-Tony and Zoe break up off screen after half a season of doing nothing? See previous paragraph for further explanation of how I feel about that.

-This brother of Abby's is WAY better than that weirdo we met before. What a stupidly sweet, cute, optimistic face and a personality of such earnest determination to believe in the good that it makes Abby's life outlook look like low-grad pessimism. Congrats, adoptive parents, on raising good children.

-After spending all season trying to figure out what it was that people were saying was different about Gibbs' new look, he cut his hair back to Marine style and OH GOD I SEE IT NOW AND IT'S TRAGIC. Noooooo bring back the attractive shag RIGHT NOW.

-I feel like there was at least one pretty good Gibbs/Abby scene in here, but I watched this over a week ago and damned if I can remember it.

-I love the NOLA crew. So much. They bring such joy to their work. Especially Percy, whom I know I have only seen twice at best, but who is still my fave.

In related news, I just found out the lady who plays Brody got abruptly fired from the show because "storyline reasons," which is The Wooooorst excuse, and now I am stewing in grumpy feelings. The complete opposite of how I feel about the next news item, in other words.

4. SWEET ENOLA GAY: THOMAS GIBSON ABRUPTLY FIRED FROM CRIMINAL MINDS. (also, apparently you can't link to Deadline on LJ or it screeches at you for spam patterns and won't let you post)

I don't know what to do my whole brain is crying.gif

I have been trying to oust that dude since before I watched this show, and here the actor finally managed to do it himself being a general real-life asshole. I don't honestly know which part of this story I love most, the fact that this pain in my ass character is FINALLY GONNA BE GONE, or the fact that my dislike of his face has been validated in ways I never expected. Just kidding, it's the first one. I am gonna get a season twelve that has Adam Rodriguez and no Agent Hotchner and I have to believe it is just gonna be the Best Time Ever.

I found out this morning and now it's more than 12 hours later and I'm still almost crying in pure unadulterated joy. I'm trying to tell myself it's in poor taste to celebrate violence just to get my way on a fictional thing, but also, the "altercation" is he kicked a guy and unless that kick was delivered to the ribs or the face, that is like the least problematic violence I can conjure up, so sorry. Sorry bro, but your victimhood was worth my gain.

5. I've been looking in vain for lyrics with which to title my Zoo posts for weeks, and suddenly I've got more than I know what to do with. Now I kind of hope Jamie stays damaged for at least another episode or two because Alec Benjamin's "Paper Crown" is providing such a gold mine of options here.

She'll make it out, but she's never the same / she's looking down at the scars that remain

When all she is, and ever was, is compromised

She's looking out from the war that's inside

Honestly, even if they blow up my ship at this point, lyrics will get me through it.
There's no one to love you when you build your walls too high
And there's no one to love you when you trap yourself inside

Hell, they can kill just about everyone at this point and these lyrics will get me through.
She's screaming out, cause no one survived

And this one works for when everything goes to hell.
You hold your ground, though your kingdom's in flames
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