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TV bits & bobs: past, present and future.

1. Today I did work at the library, so I was listening to Glee songs via YouTube. This led to me clicking on related songs. Which involved tripping over songs from "City of Angels," which I have resisted even learning the titles of for over 2 years at this point, desperately trying to preserve as much surprise as possible for my eventual mythical Someday watching of season 5.

But I'm glad I overrode myself, because I am now weeping with pride, a lil' bit, and awash in the sounds of my Blamtina (& Artie I guess)-led competition Glee club proudly covering such overplayed 80s fare as "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and "More Than A Feeling" and awesome-washing them, as they do. I don't even think I knew More Than A Feeling had lyrics beyond its chorus.

Also, I rationalized to myself that listening to Throat Explosion songs is basically like having bonus tracks from Pitch Perfect and therefore not spoilery at all and thus, I have added Mr. Roboto/Counting Stars to the slowly-growing mix. While cursing because the first song sounds so good and I haaaaate Counting Stars with every fiber of my being for being played to death in the first month of its release, and yet continuing to be played in heavy rotation on my radio stations to this day.

I'm starting to wander outside the boundaries of my one-episode visa at this point, but I couldn't resist one more appealing title, since YouTube doesn't tell me who sings them. So I am also enjoying "Just Give Me A Reason." The notion of Puck/Quinn makes me barf, but I just love Quinn's voice so much. It's worth it just for an arragenment of this song in my range. But then again, "Need You Now" is one of my all-time favorite Glee covers, and the only thing worse than Puck/Quinn is Puck/Rachel. So as long as this song is still divorced from context, it can be a totally emotion-free piece, done for peformance's sake only. And it sounds really good!

P.S. I'm still mad these 2 didn't cover "Somebody That I Used To Know." You had two chances at it! You made an entire episode about new people covering songs you'd already covered! AND QUINN WAS IN IT, BUT SOMEHOW YOU GAVE HER THIS INSTEAD.

Edit: OK, I just accidentally looked up the context of this song, and it's a good thing this song is already part of me because I wanna scrub that knowledge out of my brain with a wire brush. But instead I'm gonna quote it here because I really need everyone here to be grossed out as I am that Quinn peaced out of season 5 with the statement that "she'd rather have a hard time dating [Puck] than an easy time dating anyone else." Someone please tell me season 6 rectified this horror? If not, I don't want to know any other truths.
3. NCIS, 13x13, Deja Vu

One episode. Can we go one episode without talking about Bishop's divorce? I am literally never going to watch this season again. Not that I've watched any others after they aired, either, but this one I'm REALLY not gonna watch.

Not a lot going on in this episode, so here's what I got:
A. I liked Ellie reuniting with her little NSA gang at the diner, despite how short-lived that happy reunion was
B. I have never seen Sunny Jim get so dark and angry [re: the existence of abductions & sex trafficking now that he has a daughter], and it's kind of amazing
C. SLUMBER PARTY @ GIBBS' HOUSE, Y'ALL! And not like the time I joked about everyone having a slumber party @ Chloe's on Zoo in season 1. This was an actual straight-up slumber party complete with everyone piled into the living room, Tony & McGee side by side on the floor propped up on their elbows, watching a movie with a roaring fire on the hearth and Gibbs looking exceptionally contented with all of it. Honestly, I'm a little surprised Abby didn't get wind of this and claim her apartment building was also struck with the curse of heating loss so as to join in.

3. I did absolutely nothing with my day until about 5pm, but while I was doing nothing I accidentally unearthed a Sneak Peek for tomorrow night's episode of Zoo,
which to my great joy was an actual meaty Mitch/Jamie scene that I can chew on while waiting for the full course (how far will I stretch this metaphor? Into soup stock).

I gotta say, having a "can we start over?" conversation early in the episode gives me hope they will directly revisit that conversation with a different outcome at the end. But I may be premature in hoping that. Zoo has been inconsistent on delivering my demands this season.
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