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On the bright side: I didn't walk into a spider dangling from the middle of the ceiling this morning.
On the downside: That's because I screamed and leaped backward only about two inches before it connected with my forehead.

Edit: Also, today I ended up at Cub Foods because I didn't have a lot of post-9:15pm options in the direction of the library I had to skedaddle to in order to return movies before midnight. Whilst I was stomping around in annoyance at their ridiculous prices on everything, I ended up finding these on clearance:

They are normally $4-something for a 5.3-oz. package, but on clearance they were $2.14, and there was a coupon attached for an additional 55 cents off. I couldn't figure out how to open it in order to use it, so after five frustrated minutes I went "fuck it I'll just pretend I don't know it exists and pay full clearance price; it's still good." But the cashier, without even hesitating, took it off the bag, peeled it open in about two seconds flat and applied the discount. GOOD JOB, KID.

In more important news: this is like the most amazing chocolate treat I have ever tasted. There are tons of small pieces, so it's easier to ration, and it's actual dried fruit in it, not that fruit snack material that's in Brookside chocoalte. Fancy dried fruit, not raisins or boring cranberries, either. So dried that it's actually delightfully crispy, like crisped rice (which I love). But more flavorful. JUST THE BEST.


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