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So I'm four minutes in to my mission of blindly plundering the second season of 24 for the choicest scene cuts, and my gamble has already paid off.

#oh hey Gary Matheson #just gonna introduce yourself as a dad chasing after his super adorable and giggly daughter in a game of hide and seek/tickle monster #maybe cast some long looks at a pretty lady (your wife?) #no whatever it's cool I can handle it without dying

EDIT: oh. Well, that's awkward. I thought that lady looked like Jack's daughter, whom I thought was kinda young, and this handy wiki here tells me both things are true + she's actually the nanny of this family. Who has been casually standing there without pants the whole time, only vaguely hidden by a bathroom vanity, so you can see where I might be confused as a person who's only seen 3-5 episodes, all in season 9. It does explain her failure to smile back, though, since that look just turned super creepy.

Then again, I am a person who recently made the horrible decision to watch Drive Angry, and I'm pretty sure nothing can out-bad that, so bring on scene 2. (update: he's still creepy)

Voice: *suspicious look* you're thinking about how to validate husband/nanny affairs, aren't you.
RS: it may have crossed my mind how to redeem the only section I didn't adore in These Girls yes
Voice: I'm pretty sure romance was not the kind of affair you had in mind.
RS: Why you gotta air my business on public posts like this. (cups hands around mouth) TOTALLY HERE FOR ROMANTIC AFFAIRS ONLY.

UNRELATED EDIT: oh my god, that is tragic -- the delightful little girl here, real Hollywood name Skye McCole Bartusiak, died in 2014 at age 21. WTF.

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