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Time to celebrate spending 4 hours getting ahead of tomorrow's work!

Wednesday night, my brain and body burned out simultaneously at 5pm, leaving me too tired to process work or even read a book but too awake to sleep, which means TV Time until the body finishes shuting down. Shutting down took longer than expected, so now I've got a nice little chunk of show to process.

13x14, Decompressed: so today is not the day we stop talking about Bishop's divorce. No indeed, we gonna specifically make it a Valentine's Day episode so we can comment on it more poignantly. (Or make lame comments about how all Ellie's really going to miss is a traditional meal. Stop it show you are doing me an anger.) I will allow that Mysterious Valentine's Witch Abby's card was really cute ("Roses are red, they go in a bucket. Jake is a jerk, he can go suck it."), but that is it.

Title refers to 3 people stuck in a decompression chamber with a dead body that Ducky directs them to "virtually autopsy" and I'm already snoring remembering it. Navy ships are the most boring setting unless Borin is involved.
13x15, React
Summary: When Secretary of the Navy Sarah Porter learns her daughter has been kidnapped --

Oh what a good episode. Starting with said daughter and her awkwardly adorable boyfriend who's scared to kiss her in public lest her mother bring the wrath of NCIS upon his head, and continuing right through the ending. I love Sarah Porter. I loved her utter disdain for her ex-husband's girlfriend (even without know the precise extent of her awfulness) and her interactions with said ex, which varied from yelling to pretty decent professionalism in the name of getting the ransom paid. I loved Gibbs being a quiet pillar of support, offering a nonjudgmental ear and coffee. I loved "family's important" and that he convinced her to keep her job (I think) without ever saying so. And I loved the mother/daughter relationship there.

(Speaking of: l like how none of the important people on this show have sons. It's because it's generally easier and more threatening to kidnap teenage girls than teenage boys, isn't it? I do believe it is.)

And just in case this episode wasn't magical enough: they finally shut up about Bishop's divorce. Praise be.
13x16, Loose Cannons
Me 8 episodes ago: I'm really glad Jeanne Benoit has actually moved on with her life and they didn't bring her back to stir up an Awkward UST situation.
This show: hahaha BURN.

I don't know what this episode is doing, because it doesn't actually seem to be trying to stir up the Tony/Jeanne train / I'm pretty sure she is not the central figure in his imminent departure, so what gives? I don't know. So much awkward. Go Husband Daniel for taking a proactively defensive stance about not giving her up, even when Tony has expressed no such interest in doing so.

What was important to me for this episode was that I could not believe my ears when I heard "When affairs end badly […] they have a way of staying under the skin. Whether you want them to or not.”

What kind of serendipitious timing does it take for me to see this episode -- which has been out in the world since February -- for the first time during the very same week that Zoo kicks me in the face with

[spoilers for Zoo I guess]an ill-advised hookup of exes whose relationship ended years ago when the woman left the guy for his father? I'd been punching walls about said guy doing this, but this thought was really helpful. Jeanne's got marriage + Tony's lack of impetus to block it and the feelings are still there. So how much easier is it when you don't even have an established relationship, just hope and patience, and the other person's offering? It cut through my rage cloud, at least. Sorry 'bout the Zoo tangent. Totally not sorry.
Anyway. Before the show went to a weird place, I thought it was being really lovely about Tony's guilt and how the memory of being hurt by someone stays even after you've found someone better and you wouldn't trade them to have stayed with the first person even if you could go back and change it.

In other news, I want Alan Harper to get off this set forever and leave me in peace. Dr. Grace is more interesting, because I still think of that actress as she was on Just Shoot Me, which was yeeeears ago, and it is bizarre seeing her as a frumpy middle aged woman. She doesn't even look real. I like her attitude, though.
13x17, "After Hours": Seeing McGee and Delilah fight about the former ruining dinner by turning it into a crime scene diorama is about the most interesting thing I've seen them do since she was held hostage. Delilah's right in this case, incidentally. Also, why you gotta use the Bishop marriage to teach these idiots a lesson about the importance of having non-work-related conversation. I thought we turned a corner on this!

Case-wise, I lol'd at Tony's "basically, he's super-awesome" in describing their Totally Did It To Defend An Innocent Woman shooter, but mostly just didn't understand the need to pick at a case they were in the process of closing and the victim was an Undeniably Bad Dude. It ended well, thankfully, but I felt it could have ended better. Not even seeing people at home was worth it. Mostly 'cause their home lives are dull.

Given the choice, I'd have liked to follow up with Super Awesome Honor Boy, so hopelessly in love with a girl he's afraid to upset by asking out after she trusted him enough to tell him about her assault that he's literally willing to cover up a possible murder / risk jail for her.
13x18, Scope: "Guest starring Taye Diggs" SHUT UP I'M THERE.

Just learned this was episode 300. And wow, that was a good one, thanks in no small part to him and to Gibbs' recognition of how to connect with a fellow reticient sniper and draw him out: calm, casual, dogged patience. And Taye Diggs' awesome TV daughter of the day. And ending with a truly surprising twist: Gibbs finally, maybe, giving up the sofa he's slept on for years.

The bedroom was ours*.

(*question how did he manage 3 marriages after that, then? Or did he only go back to the sofa after season 3 and all the memories got stirred back up?)

Other Thoughts
* Fine, McGee. Buy your engagement ring. Let's just get this over with.
Way more exciting plot happenings: making spring cleaning pacts with the team (I'll make a pact with them!), finding a sketch Kate drew (awww!)

* I was not totally moved by "Hallelujah" because I burned out on it even with Taye Diggs on vocals, but I have learned via review roundup that those were real MusiCorps members, which is cool.
13x19, Reasonable Doubts: this might be the least annoying I have ever found Tony's father. He was almost likeable? I mean they gave him a pretty easy prop in the "weak and helpless young woman needs protection and solace, like a daughter," but you still have to bring something to the table in order to pull it off. It was a lot more poignant that he wasn't her father, in the end.

I also really liked Tony going out and asking around with him. They made a fun duo talking to the building manager.

Fave quote on the EW recap for this one: Wait, wait, wait. This is a gay, homeless, mentally ill, orphaned veteran with a brain tumor? Man, NCIS is not messing around tonight.

Case-wise, I was half right in immediately suspecting the women were working together. But who could have guessed that he'd actually shot himself and they just tried to make it look like murder to cash in on the insurance? Probably everyone when they noticed the location of the head wound + the existence of an insurance policy.-
13x20, Charade
Neat! I had my suspicions that Viriginia Williams (HIMYM'S Claudia) seemed rather recognizable for a one night stand that didn't even make it to the bedroom, but then I brushed off that thought so I was pleased as punch to see an "After Hours" thread get picked up and spun into an identity-stealing episode.

I can see them gearing up for the home stretch and Tony's departure now, though, so time to take a break and post this / prepare myself before it gets too heavy.
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