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I finally lost my willpower while on a TV site and clicked on a "what should happen in season 14?" article about NCIS to find out how they wrote Tony out. Watch my reactions in real time, complete with a Scrubs sound clip!

Season 13 of course concluded with Tony’s departure, a move brought on by realizing that he had a daughter with Ziva that he never knew about previously.

Me: whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt???????????????

That was not even in my realm of possibility! I had heard months ago that Ziva wasn't in the finale, so I figured, "well that sucks, but I guess his storyline is going to end in an open-ended enough way that I can still pretend he ends up with her," but this? So much better.

I spent about 12 hours twirling -- look at you, being THE ONLY TIME A RANDOM CHILD POPPING OUT OF THE WOODWORK HAS EVER WORKED OUT POSITIVELY -- and only a small amount being upset that Ziva is the kind of person who would pull this sort of nonsense.

Then I read more and found out Ziva didn't appear because she was dead**.

OH HANG ON lemme just call up my old review and see what I had to say about the method of her departure:
For right now...[it's good that] she is going to be at peace. She will find it. There's plenty of opportunity to see her again one day (and because it's not NCIS: LA, it probably won't be in the context of killing her for shock value*). And in the meantime, she's safe.

*At which point I made a noise like 1:11 --

-- before Voice tugged me on the ear and pointed to the next part, as we seamlessly merge back to the double asterisk explanation:

**actually, they were very careful to say she's only "theoretically" dead, that they deliberately wrote it in a way where she could be Surprise Alive, but also it's NCIS and they love killing long-term characters for real. I'm pretty sure they do it every year now. They literally just did it three episodes before this, no fear of redundancy with these folks. So I'm gonna stay...pessimistic, for my health and well being.M

More detail when I ~officially~ get to the last episode, but I just watched #21 last night, so I'm getting close!
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