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I don't like you / I really don't like you

Thematic title courtesy of the best part of Galavant season 2, which I finally finished after 7 months of putting off the second half.

And lo, it was indeed a trying slog. I liked the recap song before the finale battle and the last episode was pretty good, but otherwise the only things I truly liked were King Richard (always), Madalena's delight in the dark arts, Isabella's cute armor corset, "A Good Day to Die," and most of all the princess duet, because nothing is greater than lady rivals dance battling out their issues through song.

I'm glad they learned their lesson and made a nice, conclusive happy ending that leaves you wanting nothing more...except that of course, Madalena's storyline looked poised to go somewhere awesome.

Also: greatest last line ever. I always believed in you, Tiny Tad!!

Unfortunately, I still have to deal with Galavant's face in the constant promos on the CW for his dumb new end-of-the-world show, and that actor really needed to take a long hiatus from my general vicinity if he wanted a prayer of me tolerating him ever again.
I also finally watched an episode of Supergirl.

First Impressions
It is exactly what I thought it would be: excruciatingly awful (with possibly even cheesier dialogue than I thought), that I am now suffering through out of a sense of duty because Melissa Benoist is a beautiful charming delight of a human being and needs no effort at all to put me under her spell, at least when playing this type of character. Honestly, the female star power on this show is phenomenal, between additional royal highnesses Calista Flockhart, Chyler Leigh and Laura Benanti, who are all like 98% as delightful, although Cat didn't make it to the top tier until her girlcrush on Supergirl redeemed her.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm OK with the show existing because even though I want Melissa Benoist to be free for better a world of boring superdudes, maybe she is a role model for little girls in real life who love her more than any of the Avengers, and that would be awesome. Someone on Tumblr once described this as being the "Sarah Jane Adventures" of superhero shows (Jessica Jones being the Torchwood), and it seems extremely accurate.

It's just that unlike SJA, this is the single most punishing show I've ever tried to sit through and I'd probably do better with gifsets and short YouTube clips far away from monsters, villains, underground sci-fi headquarters or fight scenes. For instance, Kara's ability to be hurt/get sick was helpful. As was everything about her darling underappreciated office assistant scenes.

[edit: the Wiki says that she no longer has that job, and instead has a much more boring job ending in "agent" for some reason I'm not clear on. Why you wanna treat me so bad.]

The Shipping News
Damn you, Jeremy Jordan. Why you gotta be all emotional and weepy that she isn't picking you. I DON'T LIKE YOUR FACE. Stop tricking me into thinking I do. I am mostly unclear why they cast him in a nerdy office geek role when he doesn't even vaguley resemble someone who would act like that for any reason ever.

James: Maybe? Hot though he may be, it's pretty hard for a bald dude w/ muscles to compete with a nerdy smitten office guy, but anything is possible.  But again, if a guy is pining after a girl who's pining over someone else, I am darn near always gonna be on the Pining Guy's side, because who wants to inhabit the side of despair (did you not have enough experience growing up?) when they could instead think, "if I were her I could stop this cycle."

But I'm pretty sure Blake Jenner's character, when I at last lay eyes on him, is gonna be my doomed OTP choice, so the above guys are kinda 6 of 1, which is the best way to feel about an interminable love triangle.

OH MY GOD, (courtesy of) Wise Superhero Mentor janusfiles, WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE IS CAT'S SON. Throw those other two dudes off a building immediately; this just went from doomed OTP to ULTIMATE doomed OTP.

This is all I want forever. I want 3 years of steady dating, a maximum of one upsetting conflict, ultimate wedding bells, Cat whiplashing from being a mother figure to a nightmarish mother-in-law, at least five episodes devoted to the difficulty of planning a wedding when you keep getting interrupted by needing to save the world, probably at least two Dude in Distress situations, and the general satisfaction of knowing Cat and Kara will be linked forever. I don't even know what his personality is like yet or how Kara reacts to him, but in the set photos he's all charming-looking and smiley so that is all I need to build my fantasy world.

Should I even watch the episodes he's in? Will I be able to handle my skyrocketing joy from seeing them share a screen again finally, and more importantly, will I be able to handle the devastation when it's over and there are love triangles again? Maybe I should keep waiting. And yes, figuring out shipping priorities is more imperative than literally everything else going on so far.]

Second Impression
But then I watched another episode, as I knew I would, and I don't know if the first one was just actually worse or I've already calibrated for its particular level of CSI: Miami quality, because it didn't seem so bad. It might have been because I am a very strong sucker for aunt/niece bonds and also sister relationships (now with two generations!), so I'm just going to hang out with my fingers in my ears and believe that Astra has been hoodwinked by her creepy husband into genuinely believing she's doing the right thing.

(Side note I just bull-in-a-china-shop'ed my way through the Kara + family pages on the Supergirl Wiki and found out Astra's dead, though I was too impatient for a close reading to find out how or why, and that is not a happy sound you just heard)

Also, when Kara had a rage meltdown and broke down sobbing in her sister's arms before walking back all collected into the room of her inferior love interests -- words cannot express my relief that she got that breakdown with a quality person. It is exceptionally rare that I will not vote for a dude when it comes to comforting crying women, but this particular alternative was just beautiful. Maybe particularly cathartic because Marley was so horribly lacking in close female friends/role models on Glee that I had actual dreams about someone coming along just like this.

tl;dr FEMALE RELATIONSHIPS. That is what will get me through my inevitable continuing to watch should I happen to be home during primetime on Monday nights. Which, to be honest, is not that high a chance. I hardly ever watch live TV before 9pm anymore.

The Future
I neither had nor have any particular feelings about it being moved to the CW, beyond the hilarity that the show has clearly been angling for it for a long time --

--but I am pretty ridiculously thrilled to hear that the crossover coming with The Flash is gonna be a musical one. My boyfriend scooped me on the "musical" part of this news, which I assumed was a joke about each show having a former Glee member, but NO APPARENTLY IT'S TRUE. I will have to watch this episode(s).

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