RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

"Clean, clean, clean," go my heartstrings

Things I Did Today

  • Managed 2 loads of laundry on top of the Saturday stuff. Now down to 3 clothing piles and half a hamper. [edit: then I forgot stuff drying on the line and it's being rained/stormed on. Dammit...]

  • Bagged about 2 dozen stray socks. I own several dozen pairs, theoretically, but I have exactly 7 clean pairs right now because they are forever getting separated and/or tossed due to holes. I found 3 individuals in a desk drawer (??? hopefully clean but who knows with me), so my current mission is to collect every sock I can find before attempting to wash any more.

  • Cleared/vacummed off and wiped down the entire surface of my not-inconsiderable desk for the first time in about 3 years, including washing the plastic desk protector my keyboard and monitor are on.

  • From the stacks on my desk and formerly barricading one of the bottom drawers of my desk, I have logged nearly 50 stray books into my Ownership Catalog. That is maybe...20% of the book overflow lying around in stacks in my bedroom right now. Of those, I selected exactly 2 for the Purge Pile and 2 for the "decide after reading" pile. But at least hey are more nicely and less precariously stacked now.

  • Found about 15 CDs or DVD discs lying around outside their packaging, which can't be good. Trying to find their cases as well as rehome discs that are invading the wrong cases.

Tags: cleaning

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