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It totally failed to register with me that today is Monday, which means Supergirl is on, until I accidentally turned it on 15-20 minutes before the end of episode 2. I turned it off and ran away about 3 minutes later because I already have a block from which I need time to recover. [update: it was this exact scene, actually.]

So I tuned in just in time to hear Winn upset that Kara could have been hurt (A+), immediately followed by her trying to comfort his increasingly upset self as he rambles about an apparently evil (villain?) father and being afraid he's doomed to turn out the same way. Even an utter novice can recognize the classic signs of Lovesick Guy About To Mistake/Willfully Misread Platonic Empathy for Feelings Reciprocation, but I reveled in pretending otherwise as fast as I could before canon ruined my fun, and took particular squee at the handhold.

Even before the doomed kiss happened I could see my fragile ability to ship Kara/James going out the window in the wake of this, but then she pulled away and OK sorry James but unless you do something amazing like save her life and comfort her, I cannot let you have anything nice/Kara-shaped after seeing this. Nothing hurts me like people getting their feelings stomped on after taking a risk*.

If she can't be part of Cat's family, then just let me have these two nerds sharing their heartache about their worlds exploding and losing family members they held dear. OTP: NERD GEEKS. That's gonna be my Tumblr ship tag. It could be otp: supership, but that makes them sound more important than they are.

*Honestly, if it's not cheating then I don't know how you could physically resist a kiss at a time like this even if you theoretically don't want to date the guy or lead him on. HE IS ACUTELY SAD. TAKE CARE OF HIM. In bed. I mean what. I mean hug him. Also, now that I can replay this scene at will, if you don't have feelings then where are your eyes looking right now missy?.

I realize most shows aren't going to make an endgame decision in the first season if they start off with two options, and especially not before trying both options, but that has only made me more determined to campaign long and loud and whiny for the side that feels more doomed, especially now that we're on the CW.
Tags: lyrical post titles, shipping, supergirl
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