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I would be a liar if I said I was fine

Zoo 2x10, "Yellow Brick Road"

What a great episode – and see if you can catch the sarcasm here – full of mostly political plot advancement and General Davies and Allison making it really hard for me not to want to shut myself in a room jamming to “Better Than Revenge” on loop. To be fair, I did not expect this episode to be any more thrilling than it was, but did you really have to double down the suckage on the NOTP front?

(“Maybe everything does happen for a reason” ohhhh, I am…so very angry that I’m going to find someone to kill just to prove her wrong. Also Dariela THAT IS YOUR SECOND SHIP INTERFERENCE, accidental or not. I’m writing you up.)

Too weary to structure this review as a series of Wizard of Oz references, so.

Ultimate Takeaways

  • Mitch looked absolutely fantastic sweeping about in that great coat. ETA: Here is a Coat Appreciation Post.

  • “Making me leave Jamie in New Brunswick, that was your fault.“ (I also like that he says this on top of telling Abe to cut out the pity party. How’s that hypocrisy you inherited from your father going?)

  • Let’s have a round of applause for New Hero Vera, the kindly fairy godmother of romance and Knowing What Is Up, ship-wise

  • I  hope everyone, and/or one specific person, is suitably impressed by Jamie’s awesomeness this episode

  • Except for in that one part. Jamie COME ON. You don’t have to outright fight for Mitch, but at least throw your hat in the ring and say it’s up to him or something*. I like to indulge myself in the fantasy that if Jackson were not quite so unhinged right now (and not…missing), he would wait until Allison was out of the room and then declare them both idiots, call them out on liking each other, and tell them to unbrick their damn walls and just admit it before anyone else on this team dies, JACKSON RAGECLOUD OUT. (I realize this is putting a lot of faith in Jackson’s ability to be perceptive, so if necessary we can say Abe told him)

  • [*edit: I’ve reconsidered this part and concluded it’s better for her to keep such info close to the vest and give away nothing, at least for now/in this context. I remain attached to Ragecloud Jackson.]

  • awwwww @ Jackson’s sweet goodbye letter + Tearful Abe. I really want that reunion hug. Show, try not to kill one of the people I’ve expressed interest in sharing a hug this time.

  • I’m gonna go ahead and assume that because this is CBS, Dariela is going to keep the baby or at worst suffer tragic loss, so I’m also gonna go ahead and look forward to seeing what happens with this plotline so I can immediately transpose it onto Jamie as well. (ahhh, the old Grey’s Anatomy Patient Of The Week game, it’s back)

Also, I made a Vague Post about my anxiety over the spoilery promo photos for the 2-hour finale, and I didn't want to spread bad vibes there, but nobody here cares so let me talk them out in detail:
[in spoiler text]
I really really really don't want to put this out in the world but I have to: I'm afraid they're going to kill off Mitch in the finale because episode 13 is called "Clementine," and Mitch is in the promo photos for 2.12 but not 2.13 even though the photos appear to be in the same location, and a few episodes back someone speculated that the season 2 cliffhanger was going to involve either Mitch or Jamie. There is a particular photo for 2.13 that has Jamie hugging an upset Clementine and not looking much happier, and much as I have wanted them to connect just like this, I cannot think of very many situations that could create this particular scenario, and the better ones feel less likely.

I am also afraid they're going to do a time jump whether they do the first thing or not, because someone said there were two actresses listed for Clem in the finale and one of them was older. I've been too anxious to look for myself; I want that not to be true and if it is, I don't want to know how much older the actress is. I don't know if I can handle another time jump. Even a short one, even if it was for the purpose of getting over the Allison complication / kickstarting my ship into canon next year. Besides, I love Clem as she is. It's a sort of rare age group for TV; most shows want kids either under 6 or over 14.

I am also afraid that they might kill off Henry. I am willing to sacrifice him to save Mitch, but only because he is already getting on in years, and still only very reluctantly.  If they take both I will cut a bitch.

I'm really susceptible to paranoia when it comes to shows I love too much. Particularly after Glee and Under the Dome last year. And not since season 4 of Glee have I gone into a show every week actually physically sick with nervous anticipation, or spent every minute of the show coping with an adrenaline flood that spikes 5 minutes in and never drops until the end credits. I love my characters so much, and there is so much that can go wrong now.
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