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Where there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned

And that person is me, honestly.

Zoo 2.11, The Contingency
It was nice enough, I just…wanted more. This show has become mired in secret military operations, political turf wars and sci-fi that is increasingly focused on weird humans instead of animals, all of which are my least favorite topics in fiction, and I want to go back to globetrotting in remote areas, wrangling wild beasts, and inter-team dynamics.

I am pretty giddy about the fact that the pregnancy storyline has already paid out a whole jackpot of shipper squee. The edgy, trying-to-size-up-the-father’s-potential period. Fainting and assorted worrying. How groggy and run down she is after coming around. The reveal + irrational happiness. The bitter “maybe we shouldn’t try to save it” consideration when the pregnancy’s at risk, and the more immediate gratification of “do whatever you can.”AND MORE. Dariela has a pretty good Vulnerable face for someone who started out on the show the way she did.

I wasted a good deal of time this week transcribing and tweaking the dialogue for my own selfish Mitch/Jamie purposes, but one particular point in Abe’s favor is that he doesn’t already have a kid to live for, and his natural inclination toward buoyant optimism is enough for such a reveal to light up his entire face in the most beautiful way. Bonus: I am so here for Uncle Jackson. (insert now standard “try not to kill anyone I imagine a future for” disclaimer)

I have exactly no patience for a “Robert Oz Just Wants The Best For His Kid Whom He Really Does Love Really” reveal. BORING. What next, you wanna tell me that General Davies has a conscience and actually feels really bad about having to kill some children for the greater good, but has to put on a brave face for the troops? At least he owns his cartoon villainy.

While not quite up to Leopard Attack standards, it was still good. He shielded her into a corner, and she latched onto his arm. She called him out on panicking when she got too close to danger. Pulling her out of the elevator almost qualified as a hug, and despite the fact that in season 1 that would have been a straight up thank-god-we’re-okay cling, I love that even though they were awkwardly conscious of how suddenly close they were, they were still slow to pull all the way apart.

Also there was just a boatload of banter and general Mitch snarkcasm and all in all it was quite a gift basket of a B plot whenever we managed to tear the scene away from the plane. Also I'm pretty sure that if they'd sat in front of that elevator a little longer, there would have been kissing. Then again, I am not to be trusted with suspicions because my raging shipaholism has rendered me incapable of enjoying this show until I get my fix and everything looks like an opportunity for them to kiss now.

Digression: said raging shipaholism has already driven me to consider rereading Legendarily Terrible Sandra Brown novel A Kiss Remembered because you know what you know who else had a single magic kiss that caused a dude to carry a flame through months of no contact afterwards, ding ding that's right it's them. #this is why I should not be allowed to watch the airplane scene more than 10x in a day

Good thing I have no library card or time this weekend to sit in the library during business hours.

As for Allison’s parting shots that Mitch and Jamie will “destroy each other”? I can’t promise the show isn’t going to be a jerk about it, but I promise you that Allison’s comments make NO sense in the context of the Mitch and Jamie I watched all through season 1. Even after everything that’s happened, that is still who they will be when this is all over. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to elect to ignore absolutely everything she said tonight except “I see the way that you look at her” and “she’s special and you’re meant to be together.”

No wait I gotta fight some more first. “as someone who knows you very well”? I feel like now is a good time to point out that YOU GUYS HAD NOT SPOKEN IN TWELVE YEARS. And I know Mitch is anti-change but we have literally watched him change between the pilot and now, so either he is indeed capable of it or it is entirely the team’s influence, and either way signs still point to Jamie being good for him and, given her string of awful man choices, vice versa.

I might choose to believe that Allison knows him well enough to suspect that she is right, but that by telling him so he will do better just to prove her wrong. But I mostly kinda feel like she is just a woman scorned who chose the worst possible moment to press on his insecurities and make him doubt himself.

Bits & Bobs
-I cannot believe you killed an adorable little girl. Should I just give up on Clementine now?
-How long do you think Mitch has been waiting to make a “Great and Powerful Oz” crack.
-The gorilla was awfsome.
-Angry Badger is my favorite creature since the sloth. LOOK AT HIS MEAN LITTLE SNOOT. And the splendid rotundity! I just want to squish all of his chub. While he tries to claw my face off, probably.

In other news, I finally started watching "Malibu Country" only 4 years too late, and while it is trying very hard to essentially be a "Reba" reboot (now with 50% more gay!), I can also see why it got canceled after 1 season. I'm 5 episodes in and the characters are enjoyable for a half hour sitcom -- I could definitely binge on it -- but aren't really ringing true to me as people to care about.
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