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Fall 2016 Watch List (sort of)

No schedule this year because I am now one of those terrible people who only manages to watch live TV one night a week if that, because I like being Out In The World more and I am not very good at using my incredibly flexible work schedule to actually have free time before 5pm.

In fact, even attempting to write this post feels silly because I am still SO BEHIND on all of the things. Remember my Master Post Of Things To Watch? And I just posted something to Tumblr I am too lazy to cross-post here (WHERE IT'S RELEVANT??) outlining what I actually managed to watch this past year, because I was so horrified when I realized how few shows I managed to finish by the end of summer, let alone by the end of May.

Stuff I'm Watching This Fall: Survivor [9/21], Criminal Minds [9/28], NCIS [9/20], Superstore [9/22]

Stuff I'm Watching Whenever It Comes Back:  Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and probably that dread hellbeast The Odd Couple HOW COULD YOU RENEW THAT.

Stuff I Might Casually Eyeball If It's On: NCIS: NOLA [9/20], Supergirl, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Mom [10/27]

New Shows I Might Be Into: Just one -- The Great Indoors [10/27]. I don't think it's going to be a great show or anything, but before I ever saw a preview I read an article about how Millenials in the focus group didn't like how it ~stereotyped Millenials~ and let me tell you something, there is NOTHING I love like Millenials stomping their feet and getting mad about being stereotyped as self-absorbed/lazy/entitled/lacking awareness of the world around them by older generations. I am really excited for a show to purposely make jokes about and offend people like that. especially if the rep from the older generation is Joel McHale.

Plans For Shows I'm Behind On By One Season:
-I'm abandoning The Mindy Project because I've followed its s.4 trajectory in too much detail all year and I just don't think I can take the annoying direction it went in.

-Totally coming back to The Middle someday, but not sure when. The 2nd episode last year was weirdly traumatic and somehow broke my feelings so hard they disappeared.

-2 Broke Girls will be back just as soon as I figure out how to articulate my delight with its completely accurate depicition of how genderqueer people behave on Tumblr.

-My plan for Law & Order: SVU all along has been to wait, check out the DVD from the library and binge on it that way. I even got myself set up early on the request list. Now that plan is suspended because of the whole not having a card thing, so...
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