RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Oh man.

Me at 5:30pm: Just a few hours away now, and at last I will be free of this nightmare [anxiety] grip to either relax, relax after turning into a 48-hour rage tornado first, or fall into the customary 48-72 hour mourning period of fandom depression. The first one is a long shot and I've got even odds on the other two, honestly.

Me after Zoo: 72-hour depression and lingering rage! Did not know that could happen. Awesome.

(Rage because of the fucking ten year time jump. Depression for the fact that even if Mitch survived and isn't some sort of mutant hybrid himself, Jamie still lost him. And back to rage because Jamie has probably moved on since. And nobody will know anything about how the hell this all came about or what is going on for ten freaking months.)
Tags: feelings explosion, zoo

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