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(this is my new hokey swear, do you like?)

I spent 30 minutes writing an email to get info from this person who basically didn't fill out half her survey. Then I spent 26 minutes on the phone with her this morning so she could provide it that way (and also telling her no, it's fine you didn't use valet, which will be relevant later) Then I spent 20-30 MORE minutes this afternoon turning my notes from the phone conversation into detailed narrative.

And then I discovered, having overlooked it in the haze of the 47 more obvious things that were missing or wrong, this is one of the like 10% of Fancy Restaurants that does require valet service to be used if available. So now it might just cancel and neither of us will get paid at all, in which case I could have been done with the whole thing in about 12 minutes flat. Or four, if I'd gotten her on the phone yesterday.

It only pays $3.00* even if we can use it, because I don't have enough backbone to double my payment by charging a first-time mystery shopper for the rewrite she should be getting charged, even though the policy was invented exactly for scenarios like this, but now I really want that three bucks.

*normally these are my favorite shop because they are usually done by experienced/skilled people and take me about 10 minutes start to finish with no contacts required.
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