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The Idealistic Daydream

All energy, no meaning, with a lot of words

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27 March
Important statistics: female, Allegedly Fully Adult, Midwestern, loves animals of all kinds, bibliophile, and addicted to blogging, TV, and diet cola. Obsessive frequenter of garage sales when weather permits.

This journal is largely confined to fandom interests - although I do mention my life from time to time, most frequently in locked posts - which was originally going to be fanfic-centric, and somehow warped into an extensive project of talking about TV. Broadcast network TV, specifically. Lately I have been transforming it into more of a book blog instead.

Important notes: I tend to pack a whole lot into each post, which results in borderline ridiculous amounts of text - this bio is an excellent example! As far as the meta goes, I like to write long TV show reviews, sometimes in lists but often in paragraph format. I also like to fill those paragraphs with a lot of CAPSLOCKY GOODNESS and other immaturity, so as not to be mistaken for a professional writer. Also, I am a desperately fluffy romantic at heart and love to 'ship people. Preferably canon couples, mostly of opposite sexes.

You should also know that I don't use social media for activism, my natural instinct towards almost any majority opinion among my peers or younger people is to fight it, and my attitude toward adult material in my fiction can best be described by Kurt Hummel: "I don't want to know the graphic details. I like romance. That's why I like Broadway musicals, because a touch of the fingertips is as sexy as it gets." (I do not, as a rule, actually enjoy most Broadway musicals, but I do enjoy TV best when a kiss is as sexy as it gets for the main characters)

Also, ever since LJ started to get extra ghost-town-y in 2015-2016, I have taken to visualizing it as my isolated cabin in the woods, where I tend to go weeks without seeing another soul (comment) and sometimes forget that people might actually read it. My manners might slip.

Current shows: Survivor, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds, Evil, Blood and Treasure, and as of September 2019, a renaissance/headlong dive into everything David Tennant has ever done.

Shows I Used To Watch and Fantasize About Catching Up On/Finishing: Law & Order: SVU (S17), 2 Broke Girls (S6), The Middle (S7), NCIS (S15), Seal Team (S1), S.W.A.T. (S2), Madam Secretary (S5), Hawaii Five-O [tagged as H50] (S9).

Honorable mentions: Glee will ALWAYS be relevant (seasons 1-5 only), as will Doctor Who (with Nine and Ten only), X-Files (but never ever its revival), The Office, CSI-verse, Numb3rs and Scrubs. Also in my wheelhouse: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings (movies only -- and not The Hobbit), Pirates of the Caribbean, and Twilight (shut up).

If you're curious about other shows, check for them in the tags. I don't really update the "interests" section anymore.



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